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The Secret World of Maggie Grey

A vampire, a witch, and a siren all get accepted into the same HBCU. Well, some got accepted...Others might have been recruited or forced. This story is the current world I'm building so let's look at what we have so far. 


Drew Collins University

Welcome to the prestigious black magical excellence here in the state of Georgia. All black ancestral magical beings and creatures are accepted. 

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“Wait, what?” I let out, almost dropping my things. “Year? School year?”

“Yes…you don’t pay all this money to go here for a few weeks…School is year round here with fall, winter, and spring breaks… Summer is just when we accept students but once you’re in…you must complete your program in order to graduate and leave…D–do you not understand how serious this is? There is no coming and going out of the Underground and certainly not here at Collins.”


I stared at her as she rolled her eyes before throwing her hands on her hips. 


“Drew Collins is not some night school fly by technical college. This is one of the most prestigious institutions here in the Underground and really, the country. Everyone who is anyone knows about this school. If you get a degree here, you can go far. That is why parents stress that their children start young at the primary and secondary schools here… Education is the most important thing we can do to preserve who we are as a culture, race, and to keep a hold of our magic.”


I managed to slowly clap my hands as she rolled her eyes before turning on her heels. 


“Wow…Just wow. Do they tell you to memorize that speech or–––”

“Fuck you,” she retorted as my mouth dropped before I laughed. So she’s capable of cursing and being real. That’s a good sign. Means she’s not a complete total bitch. 

“Can you just tell me how long until I can leave this place?!” I called after her. 

“You can’t leave until you graduate or get kicked out!” 


I followed her to where the dorms were, passing where Souxie stays as we came up on another courtyard of multiple buildings. The men had their side all the way on the other end of the campus while the girls had gardens and fruit trees growing around their dorms. Clementine turned down a pathway that cut in between the highrise brick buildings as we walked underneath a bridge of trees, branches connected and entwined together, providing a cover from the sun until we came up on a row of beautiful Georgian and antebellum style houses. There was a main road and even had cars parked out in the driveway. 


Now how the hell did they cars out here? 


“This is Legacy Row,” she said proudly as we came to the end of the pathway that was essentially the entrance into the quiet neighborhood. I could see a few guys sitting out on balconies on the second floor, some hanging around the wrap-around porches and a few girls getting cars unloaded with their things. All wearing some form of khaki, maroon, and white. 


“This is where I’ll be staying?” I asked. She looked back at me with a slimy laugh. 

“No…I was just showing you how good we have it over here. Your stay is in building B,” she said, glancing at my folder. “Even if you are considered a legacy, like I said…” stepping in front of me with pursed lips, “it's levels to this shit here at Collins, pookie. You must also be a part of a club to even be considered an invitation to stay here. This is considered off-grounds…and it's highly selective.”


With that she walked off with her chin held high as I rolled my eyes. I wanted to scream out, BITCH I don’t care about any of this weird shit.


When she finally showed me to my dorm, I could see a handful of legacies walking around the hallways, in and out of rooms before I was shown my apartment suite that I had to myself. I was on the 7th floor which was fine but I had my own living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. All fully furnished with the most basic shit. 


“There is a map of the Grounds in your packet,” she said, touching the couch before rubbing her fingers together with a stank expression. “Mmmph…filthy…”


She sniffed before crossing her arms at the wrist and forced a fake smile at me. 


“Will that be all, legacy?” She asked.

“How do I get into the clubs if I can’t leave this place?” I asked, setting my clothes down, “and where do I shop for more clothes? I can’t wear this every day.”

“Your closet is already full with your essentials, and I’m sure your clothes will be shipped to you in a matter of days. You can wear regular clothes on the weekends if you want. Are we done here?”

“How old are you?” I questioned.

“23,” she stated promptly. 


That explained it. Childish bitch. 


“We’re done…I guess,” I said, looking around. What the hell was I supposed to do about money and getting food?

“Oh,” she said as she turned around, “you would do well to make nice with the other legacies and alumni. They are usually walking around the Grounds, and in and out of these buildings. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are reserved for regular students in the main dining hall located on your map with the designated times. Although legacies don’t normally eat with the regular students…it's totally up to you. We have food service come to us or our meals prepared by chefs…If you need anything else…please…don’t hesitate to ask someone else. I doubt we’ll cross paths again.” 


With that, she turned on her heels and walked out with the door slamming shut behind her. I stood there in my own apartment, seeing a phone hooked up to the wall before walking into the only bedroom here and saw a book bag, laptop and a stack of books. I looked further on the bed to see my name written on a note.


“Welcome to the School of Intellect Ms. Maggie Grey. You will embark on a journey to learn about your culture, ancestry, history of our people and so much more…”


I looked at the thick books, flipping through some of the pages where they showed graphic sketches of a hunched over creature with fangs as long as my arm before seeing another sketch of something perched in the trees. I groaned as I looked around the room. 


“What the fuck did I get myself into man…” 

Meet Our Girls

Vampire. Witch. Siren

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