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Youtube Alert. Subscribe! Vlog #1

Finally think I got the hang of editing somewhat so videos will come out every Sunday. I'll post it here as well. All other videos minus the fbook live vids have been deleted because I want a fresh start. Just gonna pour content out from what its like to write a book to the industry tips...and writing a day in the life of writing. All of that.

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I know you love fresh starts, but the newcomers/ late-readers would love to catch up with your old vlogs and facebook videos!


Ghana is amazing!! I went this past June and loved every day I spent there. Seriously felt like home being there. If you have time please go to Cape Coast and visit the castles. Very humbling and awakening experience.


C. Free
C. Free
Oct 22, 2019

Ok, I have a question for Desiree. Well more like a statement. I thought Tallulah told Nasia not to have any contact with Homer or that was her a$$.

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