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Witch Hunt - Deleted Scene

**Skye Fall was scheduled to come out on the 15th. I just need a few days to get this shit together yall and get it together. My issue is, I keep comparing it to Fantasea and wanting it to be better but we're close to 200 pages in for Skye Fall. Will keep you posted with each blog post.

Tallulah Skye

“Jasmine?! Did you forget something?!” I yelled from the bathroom. After hearing the garage door open and door to the kitchen chime, I figured it was her rushing back in the house to grab something since she was almost late for her appointment. Percy didn’t come back home after leaving last night. Didn’t call. Didn’t do anything but be a bitch ass nigga who left his wife in her time of need.

But see? My girl don’t sit on her feelings for too long. I wouldn’t let her. Now, she got up this morning, showered, and threw on the flyest dress and heels to match. My boo was out the door with a new attitude. So much so that I was sure this was her coming back into the house after forgetting something.

“Jasmine?!” I yelled, tapping the flight iron against my hair as I let the curls trickle down my side. I whipped my hair back and turned to see the backside in the mirror. Bouncing and swinging the length until I heard keys jingle.


“It’s me!” Percy shouted back as my mouth dropped. I yanked my blue bandeau top up and high-waist jeans as I stepped out and fingered combed through my curls as I walked out the room and started for the stairs. First thing I noticed was Percy looked like shit in his wrinkled shirt, and faded beard growing along his jawbone. You could see the bags underneath his eyes as I walked down.

Cue insult.

“Why are you dressed like that? Like some…” looking me over with his nose turned up, “some hoodrat.”

“Boi,” I said with a warning laugh, “because I’m a hood baby dating a hood nigga and we finna do some hoodrat shit together. Any other questions?” I asked, twisting my lips together, “why are you here? I thought you were gone. Needed a break.”

He started to look around, waiting on Jasmine to make her grand appearance.

“She’s gone, had an early appointment with the therapist to sort everything out,” taking a seat on the stool as I pulled out a compact mirror, “when you serving her with the divorce papers? Just go head and get it over with so she can move on with her life.”

“Why would I divorce her? I never had any intentions of divorcing her---”

“You might as well.”

I adjusted my chunky gold triangle hoop earrings that had Bae written across, and puckered my lips to evenly spread the gloss. I had a lot to do today. The Moon Run is almost here and I need so many things before I head back to South Carolina.

“I have to plan for a summer solstice, Percy. Is there something you wanted me to pass along to Jasmine?” I asked.

“Her parents---”

“Her parents are just that, her parents,” cutting him off, “her mama was stupid. Dumb, and a whole lotta things that’s wrong in this world. I could sit here and tell you she’s the worst type of parent, how could she do that to her own daughter but guess what? Jasmine still loves her and has a forgiving nature. You of all people should know that. Part of that could be she doesn’t feel connected to that part of her childhood but at least she knows it happened. Everything that happened with her? Even after learning about her past, the hardest thing for her to realize and admit out loud, was that she was falling in love with you. Just as she admitted it out loud, you decided to leave. I just,” shaking my head with a laugh. Percy’s face said it all. He felt beyond guilty and remorse was settling all in his face.

“Whew, niggas ain’t shit,” getting off the stool as I grabbed the keys to my car, “yall really ain’t shit.”

“Nobody asked if I was okay,” he blurted out, “nobody ever asks how I’m doing, how I’m holding up or---”

“Well had you stayed and worked through it with your wife, you would have been treated as such. Look,” flipping my hair back, “I’m tired. Yall drain me. I’m probably gonna leave my damn self and go back home because this is tew much for me and my skin. Work it out with her or stay gone. All I got to say on it.”

I was out of his face, out of their business, and out of that house altogether as I pulled off with the AC blasting. Atlanta was looking a little cloudy from yesterday but the sun was trying to peek through. First person to call me was Jasmine and I almost decided to ignore to conserve my energy but she was only going to keep calling.

“Helloooooo?” I sang.

“Hey Lu,” she greeted back, “I was calling to see if you were still at the house. I think I left my makeup in my other bag. I feel like I’m walking around with my morning face.”

“You’re done with therapy already?”

“Small break… It’s...draining and I’m gonna be here all day pretty much. Especially with my mother coming so yeah...I needed some air, but I thought about what you said yesterday. I even told Dr. Hampton about it.”

“What I say? I say a lot of things.”

“About opening up a store of our own… You, me, and Kayla… We could actually really do it. I still think I would be useful behind the desk but Dr. Hampton said she could send clients our way and even help promote it if we need it.”

“I was joking about that,” I laughed until my smile slowly disappeared, “I mean but...why we can’t?”

“Exactly. I don’t think it will even come close to your cousin’s house or---”

“No, it will be better,” I stated. “Let’s talk about it when you get home. I’m gonna text Kayla and we can put our heads together and come up with some ideas. If you’re for real Jasmine.”

“I’m serious. I---Oh let me...let me call you back. This is Percy calling.”

She hung up without another word as my mind began to turn with ideas. Our own shop. Three girls...three black girls owning a store… I would have to move to Atlanta officially, but then how would that work when I wanna be single? Date around? Where would the shop be and…what would I eat on a regular basis? I didn’t like the food in Atlanta, but maybe I could commute. I liked staying at home and never planned on truly moving out unless I was married, but...

“Ohhh this is gonna be exciting!” I shrieked with my nails tapping the wheel.

My mind was full of ideas on how to decorate it, and what each of us could bring to the table. Almost drove past the house without realizing it but noticed there were several cars parked out front. Full house today. Everyone was here, including Delilah. Which meant, Indigo was here, and if she was here, Micah wasn’t too far behind.

“This is gonna be a reunion nobody asked for,” I mumbled to myself as I got out. I slipped my hair into a ponytail, no longer feeling cute and bougie as I slipped my purse over my shoulder. Listening to the laughter from behind the screen door, I smiled as I stepped up and pulled the door back, seeing my cousins all gathered around the dining room and kitchen.

“Her baby bump is clearly showing more than mine so why are yall comparing?!” Omni yelled as she stood against Indigo with her shirt up. Both showing off the new life growing inside as Caroline took pictures with her phone. Indigo and I made eye contact and a small sigh of relief washed over me. No bruises, no scars, nothing to say she was being physically abused. She just looked happy.

“Hold up, hold up, so I gotta do what?” I heard a voice say as Micah stepped out of the kitchen with an egg.

“You have to crack it over her stomach for a healthy push of the baby when its time,” Siren said. “We did it with Nevaeh, we did it with Omni, and now that she’s here, we have to do it with Indigo. Skye babies come early. Extremely early sometimes.”

“I don’t want that nasty egg all over me!” Indigo laughed as I quietly stood in the corner, realizing my presence wasn’t enough to interrupt whatever was going on. Delilah even came downstairs with Nevaeh and Francesca. Even after just getting out of the hospital. She must of stayed with one of them.

“What’s going on?” I asked, looking towards Trinity who was busy rolling up a blunt.

“You know they finna break the egg over the baby thing,” she shrugged. “Where you been at? Ain’t nobody seen or heard from you since you dropped the bomb on everybody.”

“Life got in the way,” I said, setting my purse down, “where are the boys?”

“On the way back from the store.”

“ONE?!” they counted together as I looked back, tugging at my jeans and watched as Micah stood in front of Indigo with the egg.

“If the egg cracks on the first tap, you’re gonna have an easy push, and a perfect baby!” Caroline yelled out in full recording mode, “if it takes two taps, you’re gonna have a stubborn child. Three or more taps?! Good luck!”

“Mine will be stubborn! Tucker practically slammed the egg on my stomach!” Omni added, sticking her face into the camera, “so! My baby will be a hardhead and stubborn child like her father!”

“Bitch, like you! The fuck?” Siren said with a laugh.

“Can we do this! I’m tired of holding up this phone?” Caroline let out as Micah held up the egg for everybody to see. We caught eyes for a moment before he turned back, focusing on Indigo and gave her a...look.

One of those looks where his brows jumped like, “you see yo homegirl over there right?”

Nigga, I’m her cousin. Indigo cut her eyes back to me with a smile as I waved, swallowing attitude.

“Aight, one?!” Micah yelled.



Micah gently tapped the egg on Indigo’s stomach and it immediately cracked open as the yolk poured out. Everyone screamed as Indigo brought her hands to her mouth in shock, trying not to cry.

“I’ve been crying nonstop!” she laughed. I watched Micah bent down, catching the yolk with his mouth as the entire house reacted to the freak move. He was an alpha alright. I watched him bend down and pick her up by the knees as she shrieked.

“I told yall he’s crazy!” she laughed with her hands gripping his shoulders, “he’s like this all of the time! Micah, down! Now!”

The way he gently put her down before wrapping his arms around her with a gentle tug on her ear with his teeth just had me feeling a way. Not about his short ass but just in general.

“You okay Tallulah?” Delilah asked calmly as she pulled her tree roots for locs up in a ponytail, “you seem….irritated.”

“And you seem pressed, can I help you?” I asked. “You got ran out of your house by the Boogeyman and you come back still talking shit?”

“Ooop,” Trinity let out with a laugh.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help when I see something, I say something. You look a little different when you’re not the center of attention, and breaking marriages apart,” Delilah shrugged. “How’s Jasmine?”

Caroline looked between the two of us, confused.

“I heard from Tuesday that she’s in serious therapy for her marriage,” Francesca said with concern, “are her and Percy finally getting a divorce?”

“Did you have a hand in that too?” Omni asked with an attitude as she sat down, “I still wanna know who told you about Tucker. I bet you it was Jasmine.”

“That’s who I think it was too,” Delilah said.

“Noooo,” Francesca let out, shaking her head, “she wouldn’t----”

“I mean, I’m just saying. Even Tucker was like, its either Percy or her. I don’t see Percy being reckless and gossipy like that with you so I’m assuming it was her that said something. If she knew about it, that’s fucked up,” Omni said.

“More fucked up than your husband cheating on you?” I asked.

“Ooo shit,” Trinity laughed. “Damn, what’s wrong with yall today? She just walked in and everybody said, let’s turn on Lu. This is how feelings got hurt the last time. I thought we were moving on from this?”

“We are. I am,” Omni said. “I’m done talking about it. Tucker and I are working on our issues in private and that’s that.”

“I just found it curious that you, of all people knew about their business and you don’t even live in this state,” Delilah said with a frown, “I could only assume it was Jasmine and I brought it to their attention earlier when I came in.”

Suddenly the attention was focused on me as Micah leaned in and whispered something in Indigo’s ear. The little laugh and smirk she did was enough to nod my head, and play along. Now that Delilah was back, and feeling better than ever, she was back on her bullshit mind games.

“Who told you, Tallulah?” Caroline asked. “I mean, if it was Jasmine...that’s fine. The fact still stands that they cheated.”

“Jasmine would have said something, she’s not like that,” Francesca called out, “and it really doesn’t matter who told Lu at this point. It still happened.”

“Lu, you finally get to see Indigo and you’re as quiet as a mouse, what’s wrong?” Omni asked, rubbing her stomach as she looked between the two of us.

“Yall are so damn messy,” Indigo laughed. “Always trying to start something, especially Delilah.”

“I didn’t say anything. I just notice things and make note of it for another day,” Delilah said.

“Indigo, I never pay them any mind at this point,” I said to my cousin, “we already know what it is with one another and that will never change.”

“I know. In one ear and out the other with them,” she waved off as Micah just stared. Still could see the bruises around his left eye and lip.

“Hey Micah,” I smiled. “We got off on the wrong foot but---”

“Nah,” he cut in, “do ya thang with Indie, but me and you? Nah. I’m good. This is me being polite because we in front of family and company, but its a strong fuck you.”

The air became so thick as everyone looked from him to me, and then just focused on me like I was being squeezed out of the house. One stare at a time.

This was a witch hunt. That’s what it felt like. Every single woman in here was some form of a witch and I felt like the lone woof backed into the corner, showing teeth out of fear. Entire dynamic of this family has changed now that Indigo was back with a growing bump.

“Well this is awkward,” Trinity blew out, “if yall had a problem with Lu, just come out and say it.”

“Nobody has a problem with her. Everyone is just being honest. That’s how we’ve always been,” Caroline said as she went into the kitchen, “and Lu knows that. Regardless, its always with love. How is the planning for the Moon Run going? I saw the list you sent for the food.”

“Did you need any help setting up?” Siren asked as Micah walked past me to step outside. Trinity followed with the lighter flicking in her hand for them to smoke.

“I’m heading out to buy some stuff now,” I said, putting on a smile, “its gonna be so pretty with everyone wearing white and the face paint… The food, the music...everybody is gonna have a good time.”

“Well where are you going? I’ll ride,” Indigo said. “We can catch up, and grab something to eat. It’s been too long and I want to hear about this Akil guy everyone keeps talking about.”

“How did you find out about him?” I asked, already knowing the answer when she looked to Caroline and Delilah.

“Oooo you will love him,” Omni cheesed. “Antwon is a little more on the serious side, and doesn’t really talk to anyone outside of Caroline---”

“That is not true!” Caroline yelled from the kitchen, “let’s not push this narrative of Antwon and me!”

“He only talks to her,” Omni repeated with a smirk, “Akil is sweet and charismatic. How he got to liking Lu? I’ll never know---”

“Because he knew a real bitch when he first laid eyes on me, but I’ma let yo bald headed ass keep trying me,” I pointed out as Delilah laughed, “I’ll snatch that hot ass scarf from yo scalp Omni. Stop testing me like I won’t fight you.”

“Girl, be quiet,” Caroline laughed from the kitchen, “Lu you’re becoming so sensitive these days. What’s wrong with you? Indigo is back home. She’s here. You should be happy!”

“I am!” I snapped.

“Homer is here!” Trinity yelled from the porch as I turned around to see my cousin stepped out of the car in a pair of slacks, thick black belt with his phone attached to the clip and a black t-shirt but the material was business appropriate for the fit. His hair was cut low, down to a fade which was unusual for him and the face was chiseled with not a single hair out of place on his chin. He came walking up like he meant business and barely acknowledged Micah sitting on the porch with Trinity as he stepped into the house.

“I’m glad yall are all here,” he said before nodding towards Indigo, “glad you’re back cuzo.”

“You came in here like it was a problem, did you even acknowledge Indigo’s boyfriend sitting out front?” Delilah pointed out as Micah stepped in with Trinity right behind him.

“Look, I got somewhere I need to be but I’ma let yall know first, I plan on marrying Pia right after the Moon Run, the traditional way.”

“Ohhh!” I gasped with excitement, “are you serious?!”

“I’ma propose to her just before it starts and then after its over, the ceremony will begin. Now, whatever she wanna do after like the whole church wedding thing, its up to her but I’m with it either way. Which means, not everybody is gonna be a part of it. She don’t need to know about this until I pop the question, understand? I’m telling yall because yall are family and I expect full support. With that being said, whatever the hell is going on with folks personally, squash it. I don’t want drama. I don’t want tension, no fighting, none of that. You got marriage problems, leave that shit in Georgia. Anybody got an issue with that, come see me.”

“We have to throw her a party or some type of celebration without her knowing. A bachelorette party,” Francesca suggested. “We can go out to eat and to a lounge or grab an Airbnb the night before… She doesn’t have to know what its for but…”

“I’ll plan that,” Delilah said.

“I’ll help,” Nevaeh added. “Someone needs to supervise you anyway, Delilah.”

“I’ll get everyone together,” I stated as everyone began to chime in on what they could do to be a part of it and suggestions on what to say. It was only then that Homer and Micah came face to face like a father to a son, big brother to little brother.

“Aye look, I’ma be honest with you,” Homer started with a serious tone, “I’m just on a different type of energy this time around.”

“Same here,” Micah nodded. “I’m about to become a father. My whole mindset has changed.”

“Then you’ll understand that I don’t want you around my daughter or my girl. I’m not gonna tell Indigo who she can and can’t bring because I respect her, and her decision to be with you. I just don’t want you around them.” Homer said with a stern voice that spoke volumes. His stance was grown, his jaw was fixed like he meant business and it didn’t help that he was dressed like his name was Teddy. “Just looking at you, I can’t get the image of my daughter’s picture sitting in a shoebox inside yo house out of my head. I won’t ever forget that. That’s a red flag to me, you understand? I don’t care what you was doing or why. Who paid you or you didn’t know who was related to who. I don’t care about any of that.”

“So he can’t come to the Moon Run? I already invited him,” Delilah said as Homer impatiently glanced at his phone.

“That’s up to my other half because she’s hosting it,” he said while pointing at me, “I don’t care, just step the other way when you see mine walking, nigga,” he said as he started for the door, “I’m heading back home this weekend to see about Michael. Ain’t nobody heard from this nigga in forever!”

“I’m coming!” Caroline yelled. “You already know I’m coming with some choice words!”

“Aye, yo boy out here!” Homer yelled from the porch as I turned around to see Akil and Antwon finally pulling up to the house. Caroline was the first to bolt out of the house as Antwon and Homer slapped hands in greeting. You could tell they just tolerated one another but I don’t even think Homer would step to Antwon like he would anyone else, and I didn’t see Antwon disrespecting Caroline by trying her brother. It was a mutual respect the two had and it showed. Akil just chucked his chin up but his eyes were already one me, higher than a mothafucka right now.

Ughhh why did he have to be so damn...bummy though? I guess he can dress when he wants to but this sweats, black socks, and slides wasn’t gonna do it for me. Lil basic ass shirts and the short locs pulled back with a rubber band made him look...I can’t explain it. At least the white shirt was crisp and clean against his skin.

“Move out the way girl,” Caroline said, almost knocking me down to get to Antwon. I stood at the bottom porch step, faking like I wasn’t interested when Akil came up to me with a lick of his lips.

“Hey best friend,” he said, voice low, red eyes glossy as he looked me over.

“You ain’t my best friend,” I grinned, unable to control my smile as he leaned so close, I could feel his breath escape his nose.

“I can kiss you?” he asked.

“If you gotta ask---”

He placed the softest kiss on my lips, just long enough for me to catch it before he pulled back.

“Can I at least get my hug before yall start rolling around in the dirt together,” Omni asked from behind the screen door. I followed him and Antwon back into the house with Caroline reapplying her lipstick. Antwon was dapper as ever and a man of few words when he stepped in and greeted everyone. He was fine so it was no wonder everyone always stopped and stared for a second too long until Caroline placed her hand on his back to usher him into the kitchen.

“So this is the infamous Antwon and Akil,” Delilah said with a devious grin, “this was the masculine energy clinging to you.”

“Something like that,” Caroline said with a warning tone as Akil sat down with me gripping his shoulder, claiming him as my own. “Micah, Delilah, Indigo, this is Antwon and his brother Akil.”

“Hi,” Indigo greeted as she and Antwon hugged before nodding towards Akil, “I heard about you.”

“Oh yeah? What’chu hear about me?” Akil asked, head leaning back to look down at her.

“Just things,” she said, suddenly retreating as Delilah rolled her eyes.

“Tallulah really got herself the black version of Travis,” she said. Dear God, why would you compare him to a white man...Akil made no secret that he was racist and she just had to let that be the first thing out of her mouth.

“Nah, I’m not a black version of nobody,” Akil said with an icy snap in his tone, “I know you scared right now but watch where you direct that energy, lil baby. I’m the wrong nigga to step to with that bullshit.”

The house crackled in silence as Trinity burst out into a high laugh.

“Aye man, what the hell is going on with everybody?” she laughed. “Yall snapping on everybody right now, like damn! Homer just came in here saying positive energy and yall going in on everybody.”

“Scared?” Delilah continued as I pressed Akil’s shoulder, pinching at the bone to silence him. “Scared of what and don’t address me as, lil baby. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.”

“You can’t see it?” he asked, looking directly at her, “I see fear right here,” pointing at his eyes, “you’re paranoid. I see you lashing out because of that fear and you’re right. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me so I see myself beating yo nigga’s ass if you address me again. I don’t wanna fuck with yo energy so leave me alone.”

“Ohhh sheeeit!” Trinity laughed as she looked around, “am I the only one who finds this funny?! Why yall not laughing?!”

“Let’s go outside Akil, come on. I’m hungry,” I said but Micah just had to step in and redeem himself after Homer had him looking like a simp.

“You don’t talk to no woman like that bruh, especially not her. You got a problem you----”

“Nah nigga, its a strong fuck you too,” he said as Indigo held Micah back by the arm, “I’on like yo attention focused on my girl.”

“My attention?” Micah repeated with a laugh, “you out yo mind if you think I’m looking twice her way---”

“Aht aht, we’re not doing that. Come on,” getting him to stand up.

“Antwon, you’re just gonna let him go off like that? Get your crazy brother,” Siren demanded.

“Akil don’t go off on anybody for no reason. I pay attention to those he don’t like and I take heed. Every time,” was all he said as he turned his focus back to Caroline who kept quiet herself because who was she going to check? Antwon. No, that nigga clearly ran her and we all saw it.

I managed to get Akil back to the car, letting him cool down by smoking while Indigo met me halfway across the yard.

“I really can’t believe that just happened,” she laughed. “I don’t even know if we can do double dates now after that.”

“Yo boyfriend doesn’t like me so that wasn’t going to happen anyway,” I reminded her.

“Yeah but, you know why…” she said. “You know how yall started off. I told him you are still my best friend and you’re not going anywhere. He knows that. Akil on the other hand,” looking over my shoulder as I turned back to see his head leaning back on the hood of the car. Enjoying the sun shining down on his face. He was pure joy and crazy all in one body. “He’s a lil weird. How did yall happen and what is he? He’s not all the way human. That much I know, I just can’t tell what he is...”

I smiled, watching Akil take the blunt to his lips as he enjoyed the sun, blowing the smoke out through his nose and mouth.

“He got on my nerves bad enough to where I slipped and fell into the bed with him. Dick is decent enough to stick around. He is weird though…” I giggled, watching Akil swat at a fly in front of his face. The way that sun was hitting his deep brown complexion and his smile just did something to my spirit, and energy.

“I can’t believe I kinda miss Travis,” she joked as I turned back to look at her, “did you...are you still leaving to go shopping for the Moon Run? I’m not helpless yet with this stomach. I know Jasmine isn’t too far behind and I wouldn’t mind seeing her again.”

I stared at my cousin, my ride or partner in life. As much as I wanted to be mad at her, shun her, and just have an attitude for days on how she treated this entire situation, I sighed. Releasing all that negativity into the air to start over new, but I was going to alpha check her one time.

“Indigo,” stepping to her with a square look in her eyes, “I love you. You will always come before anybody and you know this.”

“I’m sorry---”

“But if you ever,” pointing in her face, “ever in yo life play with me the way you did with this, I’m not gonna talk to you but talk to everyone around you, bullshit?”

“Tallulah, I’m trying to say I’m sorry---”

“I’m talking!” I snapped as she dropped her head, “I was the first to run in that house after you! So yeah, I’m looking sideways at Micah because you don’t have the best history with men, and to some degree?!” watching Micah step outside with a twisted face, “I was right about him! I am protective over you and that will not change. I’m happy for you. I’m glad you found love, and I’m glad he brings happiness, and security into your life so I’m going to be respectful of that. You and I go too far back to let something like this pull us apart but let this be a warning. Don’t take my loyalty for granted.”

“I won’t, and I’m sorry. I was in my feelings, and the hormones just---”

“No. You were being petty, and you were upset. You purposely ignored me, didn’t tell me you were okay, had me running around looking stupid, chasing after yo man in the Underground, almost got shot at if it wasn’t for him,” pointing to Akil as her eyes grew wide, “oh? You ain’t know the full story when I saw Micah at the Underground living his best life? Tuh,” I laughed. “Don’t play with me like I’m one of these lil chirren’s out here. I’m Tallulah. That’s double L with another on at the end. Are we Gucci?”

She nodded as I wrapped my arms around her neck, bringing her close for a hug. When I pulled back, everyone else was standing outside the house with Trinity clapping and cheering us on.

“Now,” wiping her face down from tears, “I’ve seen enough tears to last me a lifetime. What you doing this weekend?”

“Well Micah, and I---”

“Cancel it. We’re having a girl’s night. Come to Jasmine’s house. I’ll text you the details,” I told her before looking back on the porch, bypassing everyone, “Francesca! You should come too! Get together at Jasmine’s house!”

“What about the rest of us?!” Siren demanded. “I mean, we met her a few times---”

“I don’t know yall and neither do she! Sorry pooh!” I shrugged. “Everybody else! I’ll see yall at the Moon Run!”

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