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Welcome to the new atl diaries

New website!!!! New Beginnings!! All blog post from the previous site WILL NOT be transferred over here. If you missed out, you will have to catch it in the book that will published for this site. All deleted scenes, short stories, and blog post will be published in a book called Paper Dreams. Along with my random tale on how I became a writer, how I write the way I do, and my tips, tricks, guide to getting in the industry.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. Between writing, packing, and working on upgrading my writing career, preparing for the big "change" I have been swamped. BUT! We start with our first episode tomorrow. Continuing WHAT IF series.

Blog schedule for 2018. Tuesday & Fridays.

You are not required to read anything on this site. You are more than welcomed to just wait on the book.

For those who are looking to get inspired off my work, and recreate it for your own purposes, (You can try that sh** if you want to.)

Everything on this blog is NOT true UNLESS its published in the book or I say otherwise on the specific post.

Check out my sister website where readers have a chance to spread their wings and write, and publish their own works.

Let's get back on schedule. Think we're waiting on Nirvana and Samsara to come out. I will explain those two stories in a separate blog post.

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