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Wedding Preview of the Miltons

Pia Milton

The transition went smoothly as the elders who were not about this party life, took the children and themselves inside while the rest of us began to party, bringing the club outside.

“Where’s my bride at?!” the DJ yelled out, calling Jasmine to the center of the dance floor. Just like that, she was the center of attention with everyone, including myself just hyping her up to dance with Percy behind her waving his hands in the air. Tallulah bent down to pick up the piles of cash before flinging it in the air as Jasmine’s cousins began to join her in a circle. You could see the Cuban and Angolan flags waving high in the air as more people from inside the house began to join us outside for the fun. It was Homer’s cousins, the rest of his cousins that came to help us pack, they were invited to the reception and that’s when the party really started.

“Lemme get the groom right here in the center! I think his wife got a few thangs she wanna tell him!” the DJ said as the music slowed. I covered my mouth in a loud gasp. The lights started to dim even with the night sky falling around us. They ushered Percy into the white chair filled with flowers trailing down the backside as he sat back and relaxed. He knew what was coming. Francesca and I couldn’t wait to get our cameras up as we found a good spot amongst the crowd to watch as the rest piled out of the house, waiting for the main event.

“Not yet!” Tallulah yelled as she strutted over towards Percy to hand him a stack of bills, “make sure you tip the dancer tonight.”

“WOOOOOO!” I hollered as everyone started egging him on. He started laughing as he popped the rubber band.

“Ahem, lemme get everybody’s attention,” Tallulah said, getting on the mic, “before my fran comes out here...I just wanna say its...fellas, she’s taken, ladies, keep yo niggas on a leash and yo jealousy at the front door because she’s finna snatch every soul up in here when she comes out. This isn’t rehearsed, she’s completely freestyling and going on how she feels. This dance is for her husband and her husband only. Again, ladies, keep yo dogs on a leash...what she’s about to come out with ain’t for the lonely or faint of heart.”

She dropped the mic on the floor by the DJ’s feet and started to strut off with a swing of her hair. Already setting the tone for what was about to happen. The beat started to drop to the infamous 50 Shades of Grey song as everyone parted ways to allow Jasmine to walk in this long silk grey robe with her hair no longer pinned up but falling in waves down her back side. Her smokey eyes were only for my brother who sat back, licked the tip of his finger and began to count his bills. Occasionally looking at her like he was waiting, but the daunting beat of the song made each step that much sexier until she was standing in front of my brother with her robe and heels.

You make it look like it's magic….oh yeaaah…” Jasmine’s eyes cut towards the DJ with a single blink as the song echoed before fading into silence.

Cause I see nobody, nobody…

It went completely silent as her eyes fell back onto Percy with a smile as he waved the ones and everyone started to get rowdy.

“Yass Jasmine! You got this!” Francesca yelled. “Make him beg!”

“Make him sweat!” I hollered. Percy sat up before leaning back in his chair, unfazed as Jasmine raised her wrist in the robe and snapped her fingers once. Everything became pitch black from the lights in the house, hearing the elders scream to the entire neighborhood. I grabbed Homer as phones were gathered just as the candles on the table flickered on, one by one, going down in a single row as the rest of the lights slowly grew brighter and there she stood. Jasmine was in her white lingerie dress that exposed just about everything from the bra to the thigh high lace and veil that was attached to her hips. It was just enough to cover her backside but more than enough for any man out here to see. Percy’s mouth dropped to the floor.

Cause girl you’re perfecccct,” the song went on as she gripped his knees and leaned in close to whisper something against his ear. My poor brother looked drugged as the money tumbled out of his hands to the ground in a pathetic pile by his feet. She circled around his chair with a wave of her finger towards the DJ.

“Bring it back DJ!” Tallulah ordered. Jasmine stood behind Percy’s chair, gripping his shoulders as the song started over.

“You make it look like it's magic...oh yeah...cause I see nobody, nobody but,” the song faded as she bent down to whisper in his other ear, she puckered her lips to kiss the air as his body suddenly went out, cold. His head fell back with his eyes shut and mouth hung open.

“Oh shit,” the DJ muttered into the mic. Jasmine walked around his chair as I looked around seeing just about every guy was stone cold in a fixated stare on her. Even the elders. I looked up at Homer who practically had drool hanging out of his mouth as I smacked him against the arm to get his attention.

“Really?” I retorted. “She’s practically my sister.”

He didn’t blink or move, not once. Didn’t even hear me, he just stared at Jasmine as she grinned. My brother’s body grew limp as his head dunked further back off the back of the chair, lifeless. She tapped his forehead twice as he gasped for air, eyes wide as he looked up at Jasmine with absolute fear and lust in his eyes.

Skye Fall release date. MLK Day.

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