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Updates: Charmed. /Deleted Scene.

Its going to be a few more weeks. I'm in the process of trimming access weight/pages/pointless storylines that have no immediate meaning because I'm mentally preparing myself to write my own Harry Potter series lmao. I probably won't go through with it but I also set myself up. So this is another deleted scene from Charmed that didn't quite make it in the story.

Michael Skye

I laid Ryan’s limp body on the floor by my feet before grabbing my phone with trembling hands.

“See what the fuck you got a nigga doing?!” I screamed angrily, “all so you don’t leave me!”

I looked down at her body again seeing her chest gently rise and fall. She’s going to wake up soon so I needed to be quick about this.

“Hello?” Homer answered.

“Aye, I need you to come over here and help me with---”

“I’m on my way to Atlanta,” he said as I winced at my phone, glaring at the screen in confusion.

“You just saw the girl!”

“Yeah but it's for work. I’ll be flying out to Florida with Tucker and Jason---”

“Bruh what?! You were just in Atlanta--”

“Michael what do you want?” Homer cut in. “I was with her last weekend and the weekend before that because my daughter is there. I’m heading down there now with Mama because of Nay’s baby shower and I’m working on something in Florida. You should be on your way down for this baby shower---”

“I’m not going,” I said through gritted teeth as I studied Ryan’s body on the floor, “just call me when you get in. I gotta talk to you about something.”

I hung up as I looked down at Ryan’s body again before bending down to put my hand in front of her mouth. When I didn’t feel anything, panic slowly started to creep in as I put my phone down and bent down to my knees with my hand pressed against her neck.

No pulse.

I tried to pull her eyelids back but her eyes were lifeless. Stale. In a state of permanent darkness. Frantically, I put my hand in front of her mouth again before jumping up to grab the red knockout powder. This shit was only supposed to last thirty minutes at the most and with Ryan, I might have had a few minutes before she woke up but she was still supposed to be breathing. They never die. Only get put to sleep so the root doctor can perform what needs to be done.

“Ryan?” I called out, shaking her shoulders to wake her up. “Ryan?! Shit! SHIT SHIT!”

I gripped my head with shaking trembling hands before grabbing my phone, careful not to let it fall as I tried calling my Dad.

“Course this nigga don’t answer! RYAN?!” I yelled, dropping back down to my knees to shake her body awake, “baby this isn’t what I was trying to do… Please wake up. Please, please get up. I wasn’t trying to---”

There was a hard knock on my door as my head shot up. I tried to move, grabbing Ryan’s body to quietly carry to the living room when the knocking continued.

“Michael?! I know you’re in there! I really don’t have to knock, I’m just being polite!”

As soon as I heard the familiar voice, I rushed towards the front door to swing open. Seeing a brown skin girl with black cat-eye framed glasses with the small chain drooping against her face. Small tightly coiled afro pulled back by a red headband, Adaia stood with a dorky smile and her phone clenched in her hand as she peeked into the apartment.

Not only was she a girl I used to fuck with on all levels. Spiritually, physically, mentally we connected but I never saw anything beyond that because of what she is, and what I am. I could never commit to her fully and I know the hurt still lingered between us despite me moving on. Still, Adaia made her way into the apartment with her dark eyes already staring Ryan’s lifeless frame on the couch down with envy. I didn’t even have the energy to fight and protect my baby from the hate because I was on the verge of losing her over some reckless stupid shit I did.

“I can’t…” I started, trying to find my breath, “I’m trying to keep calm Adaia, I really am but if you go near her---”

“Relax Michael. She’s alive...somewhat,” she blew out tiredly as she sat down on the couch across from Ryan with empathy, “what were you thinking?”

I looked up at the ceiling sending a silent thank you prayer to those watching over my girl now before Adaia cleared her throat.

“She was trying to break up with me. All I was trying to do was erase some shit out of her mind so she can look at me in a different light. I couldn’t let her walk out that door. Not when we’re supposed to get married. I made a mistake months ago and the shit just came out and she can’t even look me in my eye anymore. All before, I couldn’t get Ryan off of me. Now I feel like I’m begging for any type of attention from her. Anything and the first thing she wants to do is leave. Take a break,” I mocked as I wiped my eyes down, “I need her to forget she was about to break up with me. Give me time to make it right. Trying to lay roots on her is like asking for a fucking bomb to go off. Either it works and shit gets fucked up or it doesn’t explode at all. There’s no in between with Ryan.”

“Mmmm,” Adaia hummed as she looked at Ryan, “I’m just glad a woman finally has you brought to your knees for once. You’ve wreaked havoc on women for years without a care in the world,” looking at her nails affectionately, “glad I got to witness you in tears over a girl.”

When she looked up at me, thinking she was doing something with her words, trying to trigger a reaction, I just stared helplessly back with my defeated arms thrown in the air. Adaia’s face slowly fell before she looked back at Ryan again.

“She’s really pretty Michael. You really don’t deserve her, you know that?”

“I say it all the time. She bigs me up like nobody else man… Like I’m the only nigga in the world and I know she can do better than me.”

“You don’t think you can do better than her?”

“I’m not trying to do better than her. She is it. She’s the one. You know I don’t get this crazy unless it's something I really want. You already know how I am.”

“I know.”

She stared at me, searching for any last lingering feelings she thought I might have for our past relationship before looking down at her phone with a sigh.

“Counting this as a false alarm. Boil some water with lavender, lemon and clove so she can inhale it but she should wake pretty soon without it. The powder kind of worked. I don’t think she will forget what you did though,” standing up as my fist came to my mouth in a silent victory before watching Adaia walk over towards Ryan to touch her ankle with a gentle tap before nodding, “I wouldn’t try placing roots on her again though. Doesn’t work that well because she’s the same thing as me,” she said with a small smile towards me. My mouth dropped as she slowly nodded, looking back down at Ryan.

“She wouldn’t be the only one I heard about. Maybe her mother struggled to have a child or something happened to her but she’s experienced death and rebirth before. Since she has no memory of it, it's possible she died in her mother’s womb and was brought back by whoever the doctor was that pulled her out of the womb. A prayer of some sort for a stillborn baby, or maybe her mother made a deal with someone in exchange for a child. Usually how most of em are born unless they fell,” she rambled on as she studied Ryan, “she’s exactly like me…Although she seems to cater to life while I cater to death,” throwing her arms out as if to say, look at me but as far as anybody knew, Adaia was your average black girl who was chill as fuck. Would roll one up, sex was incredible, and had an amazing personality. Nobody would ever suspect she was a spirit who collects lives and transitions them into the next world. She was one of many that was able to dabble into both worlds and now apparentlyRyan was too. That would explain her connection with Percy and why the nigga tripped out when he saw her.

“If I didn’t come from my family, you already know you and me would have been---”

“Save it,” putting her hand up, “I get it. Treat my sister here with respect and stop fucking around on her because the noment she realizes what she is?” she warned with a hard stare, “the moment she---and it only takes a moment. She can wake up one morning and realize her name is Azra, and she’ll be out of your life like that,” she exclaimed with her fingers snapping together in my face before laughing. “I think that’s my good sis Karma working her way into your life because how ironic is it that you fell in love with a woman who can give and take life away like that…”

“Azra…” I repeated as Adaia nodded.

“Is she the religious type? Church every Sunday, bible study and choir practice? We like to keep close to home unlike you and your family that do everything outside of the bible and God’s work. Azra is the name I hear when I’m near her. We all have names based off the archangels or---”

“Archangel?!” I blurted out as she threw her hand on her hip, “you talking about an angel? A real live angel? That’s what you are? This entire time?”

My mind immediately went to Delilah’s nigga Ben. He was nothing like Ryan. Nothing like her and he was supposedly something of a higher realm of reality that we peasants couldn’t reach according to Delilah.

“Why are you saying it as if you don’t believe it?” she questioned with her brows coming to the center of her forehead, “what makes your magic realer mine? I take souls and transition them into the afterlife. I take in account sins committed over time---”

“Here we go,” I muttered as she pointed at me before pushing her cat-eyed frames back.

“I can’t tell you how many people are crying in relief when they meet me after they pass on because they know they lived life the right way. So why does my belief in the Almighty take a back seat to your ancestors and witchcraft?”

“It’s not witch---”

“It’s not right, whatever it is,” she retorted as I became silent. I had everything in me that wanted to tell her she was still practicing some form of magic, and spiritual power, whether God had anything to do with that, it was debatable, and this is where our relationship would come to a roadblock everytime.

“So if I were you Michael? I would be mindful how I step from this point on,” she warned as she walked past me, “let this be your lesson cheating. Next time, I can easily wake her up and tell her to come with me and she will.”

“So why didn’t you?” I asked with a deep swallow.

“Because,” she sighed as she opened the door without looking back, “she’s lucky enough to experience living a normal life instead of going around to see people on the brink of death or making deals with devils, and heathens like you. One life. Experience real love and get to live in it. Make the most of it. Had one of our brothers came here instead, they would have snatched her up the moment they heard her real name….Azra. Means the virgin. Named after Azrael the Archangel. I would do all that I can to ensure she stays with you. This witch craft you partake in, these spells and magic tricks to get around what is meant to be will always backfire because that is not the way of the one she serves, and she is living proof that there is only one God so be careful what you do, and who you worship from this point on,” looking back at me over her shoulder. I wanted to snap and say she ain’t had no problem when she was with me, but I guess she couldn’t speak on it then since she had a mouth full of my dick while on her knees. Witcho’ Bitch ass.

“By the way Michael?”

“Yeah?” I replied, scratching at my ear as I looked from Ryan to Adaia.

Your mother has been placed on watch. I don’t normally spill our business like that, but I had real feelings for you. Still do and I know how you are about your family. I thought you should know so you can prepare.”

The door closed shut as I looked back at Ryan who began to stir. Body shifting slowly about on the couch, she gripped her forehead, wincing before yawning as my eyes began to water. Between hearing that my mother was placed on fucking death row, and Ryan being a damn grim reaper laying on my couch without a clue in the world, I dragged my hand down my face to calm myself. Some shit had to change. It's why my family never fucked with people like Adaia because it was too much power, too much word, and too much I can do this over that. Your God is not my God. It was too much of a power struggle and I was caught right in the middle of it all over again.

“What’s wrong Michael?” Ryan asked softly as she sat up before looking around, “and how long have I been out? I feel like I slept for years.”

I just stared cautiously at Ryan as she got up and walked over towards her overnight bag to grab her clothes out.

“You just dozed off a lil bit,” I muttered as I watched her open up a pair of panties to hold out.

“I just bought these and already it's unraveling,” she muttered with a suck of her teeth. Without warning I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist to hug as she almost caught herself from falling forward. “Michael, what are you…”

She had to sense I was close to falling apart because she turned around and looked up at me with a worried expression before wrapping her arms around my neck.

“We need to find a church home,” I said as her eyes grew wide, taken back by the statement. “We can start looking tomorrow.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’ve been to church with you before---”

“But never consistently and you’re always clowning, and cutting up in there---”

“I know what I’m always saying, but I said I was gonna prove that I’m husband material. That you can trust me for a lifetime. You’ve already proven you’re with me for better or for worse. Let’s start by finding ourselves a church to go to every Sunday, even go with my Mama at her church. I know how important it is to you. I’ll even get baptised.”

“You know this also means, no sex until we’re married,” she said as my smile fell short with a half laugh until I realized she was serious.

“Wait, what?”

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I hope they can intervene and somehow save their mom to keep her around a little longer.... Michael is definitely going to have to get his shit together... it’s a shame he missed all of the signs of Ryan being an Archangel #GotDamnDesireeDidItAgain #ImHereForIt


Tatiana Watson
Tatiana Watson
May 02, 2020

O.M.G!!! An Angel/Reaper?!? This is getting so good lol. I really hope that Michael comes correct after that experience & gets right with his mom before she's gone. Ooooh Trinity is going to flip her lid when her mom goes to the light.


Imoni Gee
Imoni Gee
Apr 25, 2020

Omg !! Crazy how Adia is the same thing as Ryan just about , and Micheal ended up engaged to Ryan instead . Idk if that’s karma it goes to show you to stay with your true love.. mmmmm this is good !!


C. Free
C. Free
Apr 25, 2020

Oh man, this scene is intense to me. I love me some Michael Skye, but I hate what he's doing to Ryan. I pray he gets it right and I hope he becomes closer to his mom. Lordy lord I can't wait until Charmed is out.

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