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Hey yall! It's been a while. I'm currently not on Facebook because I want to be able to pop up with a book cover and then a few days later, the actual book so I'm focused. I'm working on this Godfrey series (Rapper assistant storyline among a few others that were shared in the email.)

For those who missed the kickback book signing, I still have a few copies left of the EBOOK for the blog book! Link below

So over the next few days, possibly week, I will be sharing character posts about this new family and what they're about. So far, what I know is, its about these two brothers and their off spring.

Not really focusing on the brothers but there may be flashbacks, but more so like...paying homage to the Carter series, if I were to do a series about their children...Elijah and Jordyn's kids or Shiloh and Amari's kids, this is what the story would be like...Since everyone is always asking me to write about the next generation, here ya go. It's just different characters, different stories but the concept is SLIGHTLY the same. It's my speciality afterall to write about messy big families haha.

This is what I'm looking at so far for book covers and titles...I can share the process with you because I'm far enough in the story to where I'm not worried about you authors reading this, lowkey wanting to steal lmao. Ain't nobody gonna write it like me any damn way.

I have my pen name which I will share once the book(s) are done so ignore these pen names. I was just trying shit out. Ignore these book covers too. It's just...all part of the creative phase.

What I can say about this story, it started off as a Fbook post with me asking for a "typical urban fiction storyline" that I wanted to read and readers said, that's just about every book out, pick a title and read. Then it evolved into the IG drama with the music industry and Megan the Stallion, tekashi 6ix9ine, Diddy, and City Girls, IG models and all type of stuff I was just soaking in. I was like...wowowowow....I'm definitely taking advantage of the music industry drama and what goes on behind the scenes but with a Desiree twist to it. Drama but make it family. You know?

So I'm going to get my stuff together, find some character look alikes and start making posts throughout the next few days/weeks. I was supposed to be off for the full year but this story along with a few others keeps nagging at me so why not write it. I ain't doing nothing else.

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