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So I may have found someone for our very first audible for Hoodwinked! Nothing like I expected with a totally different accent than I originally planned but for some reason, it works. I find myself laughing at how she makes Homer sound. Really entertaining because at the end of the day, she is just telling a story. So I'm nervous but kind of excited...

Secondly... Starting next year... because who knows the way Amazon been tripping these past few weeks. I am going to expand my platform and branch out a little. Maybe write under a different name, short novellas on google books or sell short stories on here for you to download. Just to kind of expand and reach out to other sites and not rely so heavily on one. Of course, my main stories will be on Amazon until I can master the art of selling books on my own. Which, I may try and figure out how to do it this weekend.

Just wanna send a grateful THANK YOU to readers who have grown up with me and my characters. To the ones discovering me and the ones turning authors saying I inspired them which is wild because I still think about the authors that inspired me. You guys are awesome. I'm not deserving but its literally my characters that put me on the map. Not me. We're pushing towards the end and I have sooo many ideas for 2020, and I even feel like sucking it up and saying that I might as well write one more paranormal lmao if I'm up for it....maybe for an Oct release or something. Idk.

Anywho, Moon Child is still up for release this year so don't count me out just yet. I'm working on it! Slowing on the blogs is a good sign because all my attention is going towards the main event.

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