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Update on stories

My priority at the moment isn't finishing these novels or writing on Pia's book. As most of you guys may or may not know. Anywho, still writing but I'm aiming for something bigger than Amazon. Something bigger than being in stores. Hopefully 2019 will set me up for 2020 and up.

So! As I'm writing this, I'm actually about to write on Pia's story. I deleted most, if not all of what I had, and started over because another idea came to me. This one may stick. So we shall see. I do know, I plan on having something out before my birthday or on my birthday. Just to start the year off, but just understand 2019 is the year of TV & Film/ travel for me.

Happy Saturday yall! I heard downtown Atlanta looks nice for the game! Wouldn't know, I thought about going down to walk about for a bit, but....I wake up every day in this place since the 90s lmao. I'm good. Am gonna make some vegan hotwings though. 😂Have the game on the background, and get back to improving my 2019.

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