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Upcoming Releases in 2019.

Both of these books should go hand in hand together. Meaning you can read one or the other first, but strongly suggest reading both to get the full story. The Yard is my second chance at re-doing my favorite series of all time, For the Love of ATL, but hopefully better/mature? So far, its alot of fun to write. Won't say what its about but its gonna be good. Always wanted to write about apartment complex living but stumbled on something much better lmao.

I am her will be Pia and Homer's story of how they came to be in the end, but it will be so much more that I doubt you guys will even focus on them like that. I'm excited either way. Also! I'm no longer on facebook. My account has been deactivated due to losing focus, and wanting to finish these books. Plus! I think it will help me focus more on Youtube and putting out more videos because somehow, someway, I gotta communicate or keep communication up with you guys that follow my work so! If you have any ideas or suggestions on what to talk about on the videos, let me know! Writing questions and whatnot, I can answer em. I do want to document myself writing, and putting a book out so that is going to be the main goal. A writing vlog of some sort. Otherwise, I have no ideas on what else to put out on vid. smh.

Anyway, here are the covers that are always subject to change. If you notice with this pen name, I'm staying away or attempting to stay away from the drawn covers. Still will publish under Desiree, but for now, I will be under rai. (never capitalized) Pronounced like the last part of my name, Desiree.

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