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ThrowBack ATL Diaries Post (Jordyn & Elijah)

(This actually happened. After leaving Anthony’s house. I just took it out because…idk. Whatever lol.) (I'm getting the blog book together now and reading through the old stuff is making me miss alot of characters lmao)


“Nah, I’m heading there now,” Elijah said on the phone as we moved through the airport, ready to catch our late flights. He was going to California with Jahiem, and Ontrell and I was going home. New York. Mini ipad in hand looking at Pinterest for wedding ideas. What to do with my hair, decorations for the baby’s room which I find out this week if it’s a boy or girl. As usual it was a crazy day with the family, but luckily for the most part? Everyone seemed to be getting along minus Joy, and Anthony. I felt good about standing up for myself, and I felt good that I was actually truly happy. I’m about to marry my best friend next month, and our wedding was probably going to be the biggest one I’ve ever known. With his family, and my family combined? It was well over 200 people coming. Everyone was excited. Especially when he told me there was no budget, now I was excited, but I was still carefully watching his money along with Shiloh who watches his brother’s spending habits. Elijah will give, and spend, and spend, and give without caring, or thinking twice about people around him using him so Shiloh, and I were careful about his spending.

“Aye we gotta make an appearance tomorrow, fuck we supposed to do about Anthony?” Jahiem asked, adjusting the strap on his shoulder as we all stood at my gate. Waiting to board before they move on to theirs which luckily was right next to mine. Elijah turned around, still on the phone as he shrugged. I pushed my glasses in, tuning in and out as I looked over the seating chart for the wedding on my mini. Planning a wedding was a lot more...distracting and fun than I thought, but to have a husband who was just as into it as you? Was a downer. I couldn’t make my own decisions without him coming behind me to state his opinion. Down to the seating, and type of food we were having which was going to be a nice blend of Mexican, and southern cooking that his aunts, and older cousins were combining with my family to make the food together. No catering needed. Didn’t make sense when we had so many natural cooks in the family.

“Fucking with my money though,” Ontrell mumbled, going through his phone as we all stood in a half circle, going through our phones and tablets. Quiet with people moving past us, already seeing a few girls take pictures. But for the most part, it was nothing but older white men flying at this time of night on a Sunday. I--.

“Oh!” I shrieked, almost dropping the mini as I gripped my stomach. Face scrunched hard as I looked at the brothers. Slow smile creeping on my face. “Baby is kicking hard right now,” I laughed as they all reached out with their hands to touch the stomach. Seeing these giant hands of all shades on my shirt as I smiled. I placed my hand on top of Elijah’s with our wedding rings lined up together before letting go. Feeling almost too loved. Too good to be true.

“Aye, yo you think that nigga gave Joy herpes on purpose?” Elijah asked, instantly killing the moment as Jahiem and Ontrell took their hands away. Smacking their teeth in irritation at Elijah as he hung up the phone. “What I say?!”

“Nigga yo wife’s baby is kicking, and you talking about fucking herpes with yo sick ass,” Jahiem cracked.

“I’m saying though! I thought she knew and still decided to fuck with him! I’aint think he would hit her ass though.”

“Yall know that nigga got problems,” Ontrell sighed with a shake of his head. “Him, and Shiloh got the most problems out of everybody--.”

“Cuz them niggas take life too seriously, and been through the most shit to take it seriously. Don’t disrespect yo brothers or fault them for that, you don’t know what it was like growing up with Marion.”

“I don’t gotta know. We all been through that shit--.”

“Nah but you--.”

“Baby?” Elijah turned to me, wrapping his arm around my neck to pull me aside. Careful of running into people as we stepped back. I know he didn’t want to talk about the past, or even hear about it. He carefully swiped my thick curly hair off my shoulders before running his fingers through it affectionately as he smiled at me. Licking his lips with those low eyes beaming down on me. Locs pulled back in a sloppy ball, spotting the initials EJ just below is lower lip. Never noticing it until now.

“When did you get this?” I asked, touching his chin. “EJ.”

“Probably about two years ago or sum shit,” he answered slowly, eyes still resting on my face affectionately. “Shit stands for Elijah and Jordyn now, but I got yo tattoo coming though. Working on the design with my nigga.” He was so obsessed with me.

“Oh yeah?” I asked with a small laugh, touching his lower lip as he stood closer to me. As close as this baby bump would allow him. “What are we going to name our son? Or daughter?”

“I promised Shiloh a long ass time ago that my first born was gonna be named after him. Since everybody named after an uncle or Aunt I promised I would use his name. Nigga did more shit for me then I care to remember,” he said as my heart swelled in size. Smiling at my husband in awe. I know his mind hasn’t been right since the fight at Anthony’s house, and how he regrets that he didn’t stand up for Shiloh. It’s been throwing him off ever since because their relationship, their bond is something I truly admire, but it hasn’t been the same since that day, and Elijah was hurting. Weird complex they have of being a brother, but also being a father figure so it was tricky, but still adorable nonetheless.

“So our first born will be Shiloh, no matter if it’s a boy or girl?” I asked. He nodded. Not what I had in mind, but I wasn’t going to disagree because I knew the meaning, and heart behind it. “Well, there’s gotta be a Spanish name involved. If it’s a girl, she’s gotta be Shyloh with a Y.” I said as he smiled, catching on to my irony of how we met before my mind went to the wedding. “Oh! This seating chart, I see you went in and changed the names around,” I began, showing him the screen. “You need to tell me--.”

“Nah because look, Aunt Kit can’t sit next to Uncle James,” he said, shaking his head as we started to look over the seating arrangement. In the midst of lightly arguing about his family, he accidentally swiped the screen to see a picture of me in one of the potential wedding dresses.

“Ohhh,” he cooed, taking the mini pad as he looked at in awe. I had Shiloh take the picture as the lady helped me fit the white gown. Seeing my baby bump with my hair straightened. Mom with her hands over her mouth in awe, crying. Glasses off wearing a strapless dress with the veil hanging down the sides. Me smiling, seeing my eyes were red in the picture from crying. My mom couldn’t hold it together to save her life she was so excited.

“Jo, why you got a nigga finna start up baby, why?” Elijah muttered, eyes hard on the picture before he swiped the screen to the next picture. Next dress.

“Elijah, you’re not supposed to see these!” I laughed, seeing his eyes water up as he swiped to the next screen seeing me in mid laughter as I wore a light yellow dress. Hair up in a high ponytail with a thing of fake flowers in my hand. Pretending to toss it back. To who? I don’t know. “Elijah!?” I laughed, taking the pad from him as the screen switched to a video of me trying on a dress. Regrettably, we both watched the 5 minute clip as Shiloh struggled to keep the camera steady.

Jordyn Maria come out now so we can see it!” My mom called as she stood by the rack of dresses that I had to try on. I had my maybe pile, and my definite no pile. Hard to find the dress that will still look good when you know you’re going to put on more weight. Watching as she looked at Shiloh while rolling her eyes. “This girl here I tell ya,” shaking her head.

Jody come on!” Shiloh yelled out, calling me by the house name the kids call me. “Lemme me see, you got yo mama out here crying--.”

Boy stop,” my mom cut in as she laughed, wiping her eyes.

I don’t like this one!” I heard myself yell. Watching the white door to the fitting area open as the lady, and I stepped out in this white strapless dress with red undertones, and a red sash around it. As if I wasn’t already telling everyone to look at my stomach. I cringed as I watched the video, me walking out with my nose stuck up. Lips turned into a frown.

Ohhhhh Maria I love it!” My mom cooed, putting on her fake Spanish accent as I rolled my eyes. I could hear Shiloh laughing from behind the camera.

Nahh you look like a red velvet cake shawty. Take that off,” he said with a laugh. Watching me throw my arms up in the air.

I can’t find anything because of this damn stomach!” I retorted, sounding like a spoil brat as I laughed on Elijah’s shoulder. “I want something to make him be like…” I looked back at the video as I watched myself look for the words. “Something to make him remember this forever, something to make him cry.”

Mannn,” Shiloh started, sucking his teeth. “Nigga will cry over a paper cut. I’m not finna let you walk down the aisle looking like a cake, go try that one on shawty. Hurry up so we can get to this food tasting.” I turned back into the fitting room with the lady as she grabbed the next dress. Watching my mom glare at Shiloh. “What?

What is your role again in this wedding?” She asked, hands across her chest as she stared at him.

Best Man,” he said as she smiled.

Maid of honor?”

Best Man,” he corrected, hearing the laugh in his voice. “We done already been through this twice.”

I’m just trying to make sure you know your place maid of honor,” she teased as they both laughed. Loving the relationship between my mom and Shiloh. Just as good as the relationship between Elijah and her.

Man of Honor then,” Shiloh said suddenly as he turned to look at the camera. Seeing his low eyes with a reddish tint, black curly hair low as he checked himself out in the camera. Pretty boy. “Aye, if you watching this Jo, yo mama be bullying the fuck outta me but she cool tho--.”

Boy stop!” I heard my mom scream in laughter.

You gon look beautiful sis,” he said, suddenly smiling into the camera just as the screen jolted with my mom throwing something at him. “See what I’m talking about! Yo mama craz--.” The video stopped as I laughed out loud, looking up at Elijah who was teary in the eyes again.

“I wasn’t ready to see that--.”

“Well lucky for me, that’s not gonna be the dress, none of them are. I still don’t have one yet,” I told him. “Not with this growing stomach,” I told him as I reached up to wipe his tears. God knows he will cry at the drop of a hat, but I never say anything.

“You looked so beautiful baby,” he choked with a smile before laughing. Looking up at the ceiling, eyes rapidly blinking. “Bruuh you finna have a nigga walking on the plane like a straight bitch.”

“Stop it,” I laughed, wiping his face as he looked down at me.

“You look so happy, like you happy to be my wife, happy to be with a nigga like me for the rest of yo life. After everything that’s happened, you still wanna be my wife…” He said in awe before shaking his head. “I’on even deserve nobody like you Jo. You realize what you doing shawty? You agreeing to be with me?” Hand on his chest. “A nigga like me for the rest of yo life. You finna agree to be with me till death, then I’ma re marry yo ass in heaven all over again or I’ma find you in the next life time,” he said as my heart melted. “You really wanna do this?” He questioned as I pulled him down for a kiss. Wiping his face clear of tears once more as the announcement was made for me to board my plane. First class, frequent flyers always board first.

“I’m already your wife according to Georgia,” I told him against his mouth, showing him the wedding ring on my finger. Guess it did feel like we were getting married for the first time, forgetting we already got the certificate. Hearing the announcement again, I pressed my lips against his mouth. “I love you, and have a safe trip baby,” kissing him once more. Feeling the strap to my bag drop from my shoulder since I was bring some of his stuff home too.

“I got it, come on,” he said, grabbing the bags as we walked to the gate.

“Aye! E?!” Jahiem called out as I presented my ticket to the woman. “Nigga where you going?!”

“Sir? Your ticket--.”

“I’ma help her board the plane,” Elijah said as he tried to walk into the jetway for my plane but was immediately stopped. Hand on his shoulders as Elijah looked the latin woman up, and down like she lost her mind.

“Sir, only--.”

“Bruh you ain’t gotta touch a nigga though, move,” he snapped at her, pressing forward. “Jo come on for these niggas have me acting stupid.” I quickly followed behind him, smiling at the agitated workers as we stepped into the plane. Watching him help me tuck my things away before I got comfortable in my seat. Pad in hand as he leaned down to kiss me.

“Make sure everything is taken care of at the crib, and have a safe flight,” he said, popping a kiss on me before leaning to pop a kiss on my stomach. “I gotta tell you a funny ass story soon as you get home baby!” He let out as he walked out, back into the jetway. I looked around at the people who stared at me in wonder. Man across from me with silver hair smiled as he leaned in close to the aisle.

“That your little boyfriend there?” He asked politely. Watching him eye me over one of those men who could possibly be perverts. Having a sick fetish for pregnant women. “Or what do the young people call it? Baby daddy?” He chuckled.

“Husband,” I corrected as his eyebrows went up, mouth forming an O before leaning back in his seat. Minding his own damn business like he should have been doing all along. Just when I was about to get comfortable, a message popped up on my ipad from Shiloh.


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