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Spiritual Index

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

More to be added as the days go on.

Caroline Skye = Head Witch

Trinity Skye = Witch (Dark)

Nevaeh = Neutral

Ominaya Skye = Healer/Herbal medicine

Siren = Rootworker (Priestess Siren)

Homer Skye “Chief Young Moon” = Totem (Alpha Wolf)

Michael = Rootworker

Tallulah Skye = Medium/Totem (Alpha Female Wolf)

Delilah Skye = Totem (Mother Earth)/Priestess)

Benjamin Ben Moore = Fallen Angel (Messenger)

Ryan “Michael’s GF” = ??? Not entirely human.

Fowler = Totem (Wolf)

Kenneth Skye = Rootworker

Carol Skye = Christian.

Indigo Skye = Dreamcatcher

Francesca = Dreamcatcher in training

Nyoka = Totem (Snake)

Jaxon = Totem (Alpha Wolf)

Kayla = Totem (Wolf)

Percy = Initiated.

Jasmine = Initiated.

Dr. Hampton = Guidance Counselor. (Therapist)

Nasia = F*d into the pack. Nothing more.

Pia Milton = Skye Matriarch.

Antwon = ??? (He's something...haven't figured it out yet.)

Akil = Totem (Anansi the Spider)

Miss. Sarah = Lightworker. (Witch)

Pro Fitness Gym = Fitness center for the other worldly beings.

Underground ATL = A place for magic to thrive.

Moon Child = Children born as a Cancer/ Born under a full moon or from the Moon Spirit.

Yuma = Wandering Spirit. Totem (Drunken Native Chief)

Yuma = Wandering Spirit. Totem (Drunken Charmed is #1 Priority. By the end of this week, I will examine where I'm at with Charmed and then probably just say fuck it. Forget everything about waiting for two books because clearly my brains wants to be thorough in writing, and I no longer have the patience to hold on to this story. Which means, Moon Child could be out by/on March 1st or earlier. Charmed will still be a work in progress but fuck it. Least I'm halfway there in that story. Won't be as long as the others. Let's keep it. This is my last series I'm ever writing anyway, and second to last book under my

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