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So many Deleted Scenes Bruh. Jasmine & Percy. (Another One)


The silence that grew between us was tense as I stared, stunned at the ceiling repeating his last words in my head.

“Wheeeew,” I blew out, fighting back wet eyes. “I think I heard you that night. Maybe it was in my head but I do remember hearing your voice calling out to me… Ryan said she’s the one that found you. You gave her such a strange look at Thanksgiving that night---.”

“It wasn’t because of that,” he quickly countered. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you… Even I, don’t believe it.”

“What is it?”

“I thought for a moment… and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was hallucinating but I thought for a second I saw wings.”


He laughed with a nod of his head as he looked down at me.

“These bright golden white wings against her back that stretched from the house to house. That’s how big they were. She felt like warmth, but you couldn’t look directly at her because it was light. She could be some type of angel like spirit or something Godly.”


“I swear to God Jasmine on my Mother’s life,” he laughed. “I know what I saw. I could have just been losing my mind that night but when she came into the house for Thanksgiving, I saw it again. If we can sit here and talk about magic mirrors and witches, then I will say that woman isn’t real… She’s not human. I’ve seen enough supernatural shows to know how to point them out. She’s not human or she’s more than human.”

“How are you able to see her?” I questioned. “And nobody else is able to see these supposed wings…”

He paused for a moment as if he was really thinking.

“Maybe she’s my soulmate----Owww!” Percy groaned as I kicked him in his bum knee.

“It’s not funny!”

“I’m serious! She looked like something born from the sun… If we ever see her again, I’ll show you.”

I looked down at Percy, seeing he was staring up at the ceiling with his hand gently rubbing my thigh. Having never stopped until his eyes locked with mine.

“We should have sex more often Percy. If this is how we open up to one another, we should definitely have more sex,” I stated. Deciding it was time to switch subjects. Something didn’t sit right with him lingering on Ryan for too long. Not jealousy of course. I just didn’t care for it.

“Tuhh,” he snorted with a laugh. “You say that like it's a new unheard of idea that can change lives.”

“I think so,” looking at my nails. “It's… It’s a lot of things I have yet to try, and of course it's my birthday… Do you ever want to know what kind of books I’m reading?”

“Murder mystery?” He guessed as I shook my head. “Romance?”

“Not anymore… I read erotica… This one couple I’m reading about… the male lead just went completely in. Fed on her like a full course meal from head to toe, and I do mean head to toe. Every opening of her body, his mouth was there.”

“It’s not a bad feeling,” he said calmly, still rubbing my thigh. “I had a woman I guess… essentially offer to do the same,” he muttered.

I rose from the plastic covered carpet like a zombie with my eyes dead set on Percy’s blind expression before nearly turning over to lay beside him on my stomach.

“Are you serious?” I whispered, looking at him with full curiosity. “You’re a grown man.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” He laughed, reaching over to gently pull at my curls.

“Was it Nasia?” I questioned, searching his eyes for the truth before he could even try and lie to me. “Oh my God, it was Nasia---.”

“She offered to do it---.”

“Oh my God!” I laughed, head laying against his arm before looking up at his embarrassed rosey cheeks. “She ate your…. I mean, she had her mouth on your…. Your hole?”

“Yes, and I liked it.” My mouth dropped before we both started to laugh. “Why is that so hard to believe?”

“Because Hugo, I know what comes out of your ass on a regular. Especially when you eat out. You have the worst digestive----.”

“But I’m clean. I clean myself every day like anybody else,” he defended. “If you were to say you wanted to try it, I wouldn’t hesitate, and trust me sweetheart? You don’t smell like a thing of roses when you shit either. Oh!” He pointed suddenly. “Look at your face! You want to try it!”

“No! Noooo!” I let out, shaking my head as he laughed. Tucking his arm underneath his head for support as he looked coolly at me. I took that moment just to give him a once over look. Caramel complexion and the dark curls that were evenly spread underneath his arms. I’ve caught him trimming underneath his arms before with scissors. Thought it was weird to see a man do it, but I appreciated it once I saw how bad a man could collect hair underneath his arms. How it clumps up together like an afro, or hangs like nose hair. The rest of him was hairless until the thin trail of small curls lined below his belly button, and down to the low patch of massive dark curls that was the base for his soft mid area. No bigger than the length of my thumb. I looked back at Percy who suddenly reached down to cover himself.

“It grows to a well above average size---.”

“I didn’t say anything!” I laughed.

“When blood flows down there, it becomes engorged and reaches its maximum size---.”

“Percy,” holding my hand out as he moved his hand out the way to look down at himself.

“I can’t help that it loses more than half of its size, and weight after---.”

“I’m not complaining nor do I care. I was just looking at it.”

“Well look happy when you look at it,” he flipped sarcastically as I smiled. “You know what it can do.”

“I honestly don’t remember,” I mumbled, hanging on to the last bit of buzz left in my system. “You just told me you got your butt licked, and I am just… trying to imagine that among other things…”

Percy raised his free hand to gently pinch my chin before cupping my jaw with a gentle caress.

“It’s your birthday. We’re here alone. Not going to that stupid party to be around stupid people all night long. Fucked up parents on both sides, and we are stuck in a relationship neither of us probably think is ideal, but we’re here. I have a bottle in the fridge with a bow around it. Do you want to get fucked up for real? Finish the bottle, and I’ll show you what it feels?”

I could feel my tongue gently stretch to the side of my cheek as I stared at a very serious Percy Hugo Milton. He wasn’t trying to talk sexy or romantic… Just his usual blunt, arrogant nature.

“I realize I’m not the ideal soulmate,” he mocked with finger quotes in the air. “But I am capable of wild, and great sex. Whoever your soulmate ends up being will have big shoes to fill after I’m done with you. You’ll probably find yourself bored of any other man that comes after me.”

Oh my…

I fought like the Devil to keep from smiling as I curiously looked back down at his finger length nub between his thighs.

“Jasmine? Stop doing that. Just don’t look at it.” He stammered irritated as I let out a loud laugh before getting up to head straight for the fridge so our night could truly begin.

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