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Stacie Newman. Head wife...Head of house hold.

Omega - Protector, organizer. Keeps finances and house in order, bills paid, quiet moody, introvert. Sweet, gentle but deadly when fucked with. Also an amazing cook in the kitchen, nobody is allowed to touch the kitchen but him and he prefers it that way.

Alpha. Head of house hold. Partner. Official legal husband to Stacie. First lover. Bestfriend. Anything that needs to get to his wife goes through him first. He is the front end. The foundation and the logical one. Can be a bit selfish, petty, stubborn and has an attitude problem from time to time. Loyalty knows no limit. Stacie is his end all to be all.

Duece. The young wild and untamed one. Very unpredictable. Fun, great with kids. Wild at times with a bit of a street element to him. He is fiercely protective over EVERYONE in the house, not just Stacie. Will go to war for petty reasons and looks up to the other two like big brothers. This is his only family and will do anything to stay and keep them intact, letting nothing break them up. Not even the possibility of a 4th husband. *Imagine Locs/dreads*

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Everybody fine.


Yessss. She is just as I pictured. Omega is fione!


Shaniece Swient
Shaniece Swient
Jul 15, 2022

Yessss Miss Stacie!!!

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