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Peek inside Moon Child. Divination Night

Nevaeh Skye

“Alright ladies, we’re here with many problems of our own… From our womanhood being tried, to being a new mother to being cheated on, and broken up with. I can feel torn, and unbalanced hearts amongst us… Our dear sister Caroline Skye, the oldest… The head of the household, and Queen of bitches alike who stay with a beat face, and bougie bad attitude… All our lives, we’ve known her to be with women… Ever since she realized what a crush was, it's always been with a girl… Never a boy.”

“Here we go,” Caroline muttered to herself as I smiled strangely at Siren, wondering where this was going.

“For the outsiders, Pia and Jasmine, whatever you see or hear tonight does not get repeated outside of this sacred space. Caroline needs to feel like she’s safe with us for this to work.”

“For what to work?” Trinity asked as Siren smiled.

“Tonight? I believe we’re going to witness true love. Actual true love in the making. Souls tied, souls binding, hearts beating together… Very rare that any average eye gets to see something like this so again, nothing gets repeated,” she whispered, looking directly at Jasmine who seemed most intrigued. Pia looked at me with a scrunched up face as I shrugged. Having no idea what was about to happen myself.

“Love is something everyone feels, and sometimes people marry their significant other thinking that’s their partner in life when in actuality… you haven’t even begun to seek your true soulmate… You can be married to someone for years, and be happy and that still not be your soulmate, but you’re in love, your heart is their heart, but your soul doesn’t match his soul. It always happens. I always see it with married couples who love one another but there’s something that’s just not quite right in their marriage… Communication with the mouth, communication with the body, and communication with the soul… All three need to be aligned, but only one follows you after you pass...”

“Alright now Dr. Skye, say that,” Delilah agreed as Omni clapped.

“Every divination is different,” Siren continued with a whip of her hair. “Last divination we had, it was dark, and traumatic. Painful and something we don’t want to visit again but this time… our dear big sister will try and communicate with the person she’s meant to be with… DJ cheating on her, randomly out of nowhere was her other half calling out for Caroline, moving obstacles out the way to get to her.”

“It wasn’t random. The bitch was her ex girlfriend---.”

“No matter,” Siren silenced her. “Now, I’ve peeped this energy hanging around you but never said anything until now.”

“What spirit?” Trinity questioned as Jasmine sat up, listening closely.

“He’s not a spirit,” Siren corrected.

“HE?!” Omni and Trinity shouted at the same time as Francesca started coughing with the red smoke coming out of her nose, and mouth.

“We’re going to try and manifest his attention for a bit… Fix yourself up before we call on him sissy. You look a mess,” Siren said, getting up. By the time she came to sit back down, Caroline hardly moved a muscle, unimpressed about meeting a possible man in her life but Siren made her sit in front of the mirror Indian style to stare at herself in the reflection of the candle lit living room.

“What you have to say, feel, believe it's true…” Siren coached. “You have to say, show me who has the other half of my soul. Show me who has the other half of my soul.”

“I really don’t want to do this,” Caroline started, hearing the nerves in her voice.

“Talking to a mirror is supposed to show her this?” Jasmine asked, skeptical.

“Manifesting at its highest level. I’ve had clients manifest beauty, cars, wealth, men… Words are powerful. English language is nothing but a series of spells when said in the right order, now Caroline,” turning towards our oldest sister. “Say it. Show me who has the other half of my soul…”

“Show me…” Looking into the mirror with a roll of her eyes. “Who has the other half of my soul…”

“Nigga say it like you mean it!” Trinity laughed as we all crowded behind Caroline, careful not to be too much into the mirror but even Pia was intrigued.

“What happens if we all do this?” Francesca questioned.

“If you want to see for yourself, you can. I’ve had wives do this mirror trick, and see a totally different man they’ve never met before, even talked with them...only to go back home to their husbands that they thought they loved. If you want to do it, do it at your own risk. I’m not with my soulmate,” she said proudly. “But I love him and don’t care to look for anyone else outside of him. Same with Trinity. She’s getting married but deep down, she knows she’s not with the man she’s supposed to be with but she’s happy. As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. You’ll catch your soul in another lifetime…”

“I want to do it,” Jasmine spoke up before settling back down. “If I can…”

“Pia are you going to try it?” I whispered.

“Should I? I don’t want to even think about love and souls or whatever…”

“You should do it Pia,” Delilah said calmly with a sneaky smile.

“This is so dumb,” Caroline let out angrily. “I think yall set this up to make fun of me. I’m not, nor will I ever be into men. I’m sorry but it's just not---.”

“Just say it sissy. What’s the harm in saying it?” Omni begged.

“We’ll all say it with you,” Siren said before waving for us to speak up. “Show Caroline…. The one who has the other half of my soul…”

“That ain’t what you said before,” Trinity snapped as I laughed.

“Whatever, just say it,” Siren retorted. “Show Caroline the one who has the other half of my soul. Altogether now.”

Show Caroline the one who has the other half of my soul…

Show Caroline the one who has the other half of my soul…

Show Caroline the one who has the other half of my soul…

We all focused on intentions on Caroline who was dragging her words against the propped up mirror against the wall. Siren had her hands gripping Caroline’s shoulders to keep her at attention as we sang the lines over, and over until she straightened up, and stared her reflection down in the mirror. Speaking to herself. Even Delilah’s son stopped feeding to kick his feet in response to the energy being shifted towards this mirror until Siren waved for us to be quiet.

“Show me the one who has the other half of my soul,” Caroline continued to say, voice dainty and nervous. “Show me….”

She paused as one of the candles flickered. The light randomly caused the shadow to dance against the wall as the air suddenly grew cold. Street lights outside snapped off, causing the streets to become pitch black until the living room followed. Candles blowing cold into the darkness as Pia gasped, grabbing my arm.

“Nobody say a word but Caroline,” Siren whispered.

“I can’t see shit,” Trinity hissed.

“Be quiet---.”

“Oh my God yall are gonna---.”

“Be quiet!” Siren silenced. The smell suddenly changed. Almost like a masculine rich musk that only a good smelling man could have.

“I feel something,” Caroline spoke with Siren quietly lighting the candles around her, and only her.

“This is…” A deep male voice suddenly came on as Pia, and I almost slapped hands in a fit to keep from screaming. “This is strange…”

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Brooke Brown
Brooke Brown
Nov 30, 2019

Felt like I was there pushing Trinity hair out the way so I can try and see in the mirror better. Nobody gives detail like you.


Nov 29, 2019

Yessss Ms. Desiree, get it gurl.....even doe you killin me with the suspense... damn who dis nigga be? Love it!!!


Nov 22, 2019

Hmmmmm, to speak to my mirror or be happy with my boyfriend now ⚖.....

I'm going to the mirror 😭😭😭😭🤷🏽‍♀️


This scene right hereeee?! I swear, your books and blogs need a tv show/ youtube series?! I need the visuals like yesterday neoooww! This scene brought us all (cafe mates) in a huddle together waiting to see Caroline's true love/ soulmate... Girrrll keep taking your time with this book, I want this good read to last forevaaa LOL! #GotDamnDesireeDidItAgain #ImAlwaysHereForIt


Nov 20, 2019

Lawdd who dis man Harpo 😳😅😅

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