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My thoughts on Moon Child. Brief Thoughts.

So Moon Child as I mentioned before is a transitional book. Just the meat of a big sandwich. Purpose of that book was to get inside the heads of these characters without all the magic and see what they're really like. I feel like Percy and Homer are alike in alot of ways...It really shows in Charmed how similar their storylines are about to be. (Not done on purpose) I actually just realized this about 30 minutes ago while writing haha.

Starting with the emotionally draining couple. Jasmine and Percy. I'm dragging them through every thing. Mud, dirt, shit, trash, everything you can think of, I'm dragging them and their storyline through because I want their glow up to be perfect. I think Percy loves Jasmine. I really had to sit there while I was pretending to be his therapist, come to the realization that he loves her and she loves him. Its why the two won't ever leave one another. Little things like helping him shower, and use the bathroom to him not wanting to let her go. Willingly seeking help to fix his marriage by himself despite needing his wife in the sessions with him. Those two love each other, plain and simple. I actually think he's possibly in love or been in love with Jasmine while she may just love him for now. idk. Maybe its the lack of attention he receives from the outside world while being praised from his family. I mean, if you come from a background where everyone expects the best from you, expects you to be perfect and you turn out to be perfect. Family loving you, everybody wanting to rub shoulders with you and the one woman who isn't impressed by it is the one person you need validation from. Jasmine has alot of growing up to do or just needs a really good beat down. She needs her ass beat. Idk why but I just feel like she needs someone to knock her up side the head. I think she's so used to ppl telling her what to do, how to live, and how to be who she is now that when shit goes wrong, she doesn't look at her, but to other people for answers and for them to fix it. I don't blame her considering your whole life was laid out for you by others. When shit goes left, you expect them to make it right again. She never got a chance to live for herself. Neither did Percy but Percy fortunately has a mind of his own.

Homer. Childish. Simply Childish for his age. It's going to take a woman to grow him up a bit. Nasia did nothing for him. She didn't upgrade him, level him up, nothing. He was stagnant with her. I think he realized a looooong time ago that Pia was out of his league and its one of the reasons he doesn't really know how to act around her. Not saying Pia is the epitome of a woman, but she's grown. She's not with the messy drama. She keeps to herself and does her motherly duties. She attracts older men naturally (another thing I didn't notice until Charmed) because mentally, I think she's a bit more mature for her age where as Homer still has some growing to do. Of course, once he gets with Pia officially, we'll see a completely different side to him, and her. After all, she will be the one to be the matriarch to the Skye family. Head of the table, opposite of Homer. Could you imagine if it was Nasia? Never. Homer did all that acting out just to get her attention. Maybe he thinks that's what she likes or wants in a man... idk. Delilah thinks he did it to keep her self esteem down while keeping his feelings in check for her. I think he did it because he knows he really has no chance with her outside of Violet. She's above his pay grade, and out of his league. Pia just doesn't carry herself like it but she doesn't have to when men like Homer see it.

As far as Charmed goes... Now that the bullshit is out the way in Moon Child. Charmed starts instantly. Couples will most likely be together in the very beginning. Homer and Pia will be dating and Percy and Jasmine would be working thru their issues together. It's probably little to no more major fights between those two. So far because they decided to take matters into their own hands. To be honest man? If those two have sex, it would solve alot of problems lmao. Alot of tension at least. Percy probably just like, lemme buss it down one time.

The two storylines will run parallel to each other until they don't. Meaning, date night chapters for the two couples, maybe double sex scenes...and then one story may go left and thats when shit changes. Ultimately, the goal is to end the book the way the series began.

As far as the side characters like Delilah who...might be too smart for her own good, or Jaxon and Dre...all of that gets settled in the next book of course.

Jasmine walking into Ama Mae's house at the end of Moon Child. (Snippet) for Charmed. I can't exactly explain what happened to her just yet. I don't think it was some transfer of powers like most are thinking. Like here, drink this and I give you all my magic. I'm not sure how realistic that is in a general sense but maybe it was something that opened her body up to what was already there. Ama Mae is likely the woman she would set an altar up for with offerings and whatnot... Tallulah called it a rebirth. Percy right now is freaking out in Charmed because he doesn't know what's going on, but it doesn't changed Jasmine drastically. As far as I know at least. We'll see. Who knows. These are my brief little thoughts on Moon Child.

Favorite moments: Underground scene from the males perspective. From the ladies weaving the baskets to Nyoka telling the story to them coming out on the other side of the train station.

Also when Pia was getting stretched by Jaxon and Homer is there to see it all. Like a bunch of dogs surrounding this one female in obvious heat and he's not happy about it lmao.

Jasmine is my least favorite and ironically Percy is my favorite throughout the book. Even without any screen time. I felt like I really got to know him during our therapy sessions. No character has opened up like that before for me so that was really quite an experience to write. I wish I could all get them in there to talk to me like that.

Also, Dr. Hampton is on some other shit. I think she might be dealing in the roots too but thats just my antennas blinking.

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Brooke Brown
Brooke Brown
Apr 10, 2020

I thought Percy & Jasmine been having sex.

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