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Moon Child Update. Good News/ Bad News/ So So News.

So Moon Child is DONE! Officially done. I might add a few bits and tidbits here and there but for the most part. The book is done.

Bad news is, the story itself isn't done. I didn't plan it, nor do I wish for the story to take this long but it turns out, there is alot that happens in this story, and its taking longer than I thought for the couples to get together. New characters, and new things have popped up that has caused a third book to be written called Charmed. (Working title. Might stick with it. Still sounds lame though) So I'm currently working on the final part of this series, and plan on taking this with me to Ghana because....

I don't even want to talk about how I'm taking the damn Skye sisters with me to Africa, but I'll be working on it so I can easily transition when I get back.

I expect Charm to go pretty smoothly so I suspect a double release around Feb.

Good news? Once Charmed is out. That's it. Story is done. I will release Moon Child and Charmed either on the same day or a day apart. Who knows. So you will have two books to read.

This also helps with paperbacks. Instead of printing Webster size dictionaries for books, I can easily print out three separate books and be done. So Moon Child is the fuckery, and drama stage that leads to dating one another at the end of it all. I see Charmed is going to be the romance that leads to love. That's what its looking like.

Thank you for your patience! Again, I don't normally hold on to books that are complete but I feel like if I release Moon Child now, it will be another few months before Charmed is done. I rather just keep going while I have the momentum and move right on into the spring and summer (In the book) with these characters. Not spring, and summer in real life. Both of these will be out in Winter.

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