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Mini moment with Percy & Jasmine. Skye Fall Deleted Scene

Percy Hugo Milton

“I told him I wasn’t going to compromise,” I stated, leaning against the bathroom counter. Jasmine was standing in red lingerie that should have been meant for the bedroom but she was fresh from the shower as she started her skin care routine. “I said, Aaron? You are not going to push me into something I don’t want to do. This is my firm. I started this from the ground up. Not anybody else, and you know what he had the nerve to say?”

“What?” she asked, dabbing her finger into the white jar as she turned to look at me.

“He called me a Daddy’s boy. Said out of his mouth, a nigga with money from his pops or whatever words he said,” I spat.

“Sounds like he’s projecting and obviously jealous of you,” she said, stretching her jawline out as she rubbed the cream on her cheeks. I took the moment to enjoy her body leaning over the bathroom counter as she focused on her reflection in the mirror.

I wouldn't admit it to her, but I loved watching her get ready. Just the two of us talking while she played in make up that really wasn't needed but I wasn't going to be man enough to tell her that.

"Did you hear me?" she asked suddenly, snapping me out of my gaze, "I think men like that are dangerous...Ones that openly show jealousy towards you. It can get violent if it gets to that point. What did you say after he called you that?"

“I had to excuse myself from the meeting and hunt that motherfucker down in the hallway, is what I said," I stated with my fist pounding into my hand, getting back into the story of my work life. "I caught him just before he went to the elevator and grabbed him like this,” gripping the air tight with my fist, “and flung him back into the elevator and said, don’t you ever in your life think you can disrespect me like that again. Especially in front of clients. Everything I have,” pounding my fist into my hand, “is from my hard work. Not my father.”

“What did he say?”

“What can he say? Now I hear he’s starting his own practice and attempting to take some of my clients with him,” I huffed. “My work and my connections speak for themselves. I don’t need to poach off of others. The bastard.”

“Well maybe I can be of service,” she suggested as I watched her pull out her makeup bag. “Maybe throw him in a jar and let him sit in his own misery. Silence him at the next meeting to where he can’t speak.”

My eyes widened at her smile before she turned to look at me.

“I’m kidding, Percy. You said you got a call from your parents...getting back together. How do you feel?”

“I don’t know. My father left my mother for supposedly being in love and now he’s back with my mother, leaving the love of his life behind once more. I don’t understand it,” I said. "None of this makes any sense, with you, my parents… everything is changing.”

“Yeah but change is good, no?” she asked as she looked down. I stared at her for a minute, watching her pull and examine a few items out of her bag before looking up at the mirror and nearly grew stiff at her reflection.

Jasmine… She was staring directly at me in the mirror while my wife...the Jasmine beside me focused on her makeup. I looked up at the mirror again, seeing her smile, feeling an overwhelming sense of warmth before watching her eyes close as a yellow python came slithering up against her body. I stood up right, glaring at the mirror as the snake circled her chest and wrapped around her neck, practically swallowing her body whole.

“Percy? Hellooooo?”

I kept my eyes on the mirror, watching her eyes flutter in a brief moment of consciousness before a hand brushed over my face.


I looked down at Jasmine beside me, seeing half of her face was smeared with brown liquid makeup that looked more like mud to me. This was just like that girl. The one whose feet don’t touch the ground. Jasmine was indeed the third sign. She was the third sign before shit goes down. I was seeing and hearing all kinds of things in this house that I shouldn’t be hearing. I’m no fool though. I’ve seen the movies and I know what happens when you piss off a spirit. Last thing I wanted to do was anger something I couldn’t necessarily see. Not when it was attached to my wife.

“Are you okay?” she asked, suddenly concerned, “you look like you’re going to be sick. If it's that guy at work, I really can try my hand at something if you want. Just to get him off your back from bullying you.”

“He’s not bullying me woman,” I muttered with a smile, “nobody bullies me. I’m a grown man.”

Jasmine just stared, still concerned before turning to face the mirror as she continued with her makeup. Tallulah told me there was nothing to worry about with Jasmine but even I noticed the subtle changes in her. She wasn’t as emotional as she was before. She’s more attentive, pays attention to the little things and details...sometimes she would become more dazed than usual, and now this… This mirror shit. This surpassed any movie or game I’ve ever come across. She was the real deal. I’ve practiced all my life for this very moment and I was stuck on what to do.

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My absolute favvvssssss!!!! 🥰

Me gusta

Shantae Knox
Shantae Knox
04 oct 2020

My favs!

Me gusta

Percy didn't know which weapon to grab from his apocalypse of the zombie stash!! I love it!!

Me gusta

I love them!!

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Shaniece Swient
Shaniece Swient
04 oct 2020

All them video games and comic and Percy want us to believe he’s stuck, lol. This is his moment, but I love their growth

Me gusta
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