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Tallulah's Night Out. Episode 4


“You know that guy?” Darren asked. My second date that Percy and Jasmine put together for me sat across from me at our table. Handsome brown skinned man with a pretty smile, and innocent eyes. Pretty boy but wasn’t over the top with it, and he had a little urban quirks that I could deal with.

Nobody wanted to deal with a straight up square for a black man. Darren had just enough to relate to where I could feel comfortable, and breathe for once. Besides, the date had been going so well. We were talking like we’d been friends for a long time just catching up on life, and it was until he noticed someone turning back to stare at me that I looked back to see Jack…

My boarding school white boy Jack Ford with his friends closer to the bar. When I turned back a second time, Jack and I locked eyes briefly before I quickly turned away like I had no clue, but Darren smirked.

“You know him don’t you?” He laughed.

“I don’t know him, trust me,” I assured him. Sounding like one big lie.

“Well he seems to know you because he’s walking over here,” Darren said as my eyes grew wide. I straightened up and looked over my shoulder to see Jack walking smoothly over with a small smile my way. If looks could kill, this nigga would have been dead on arrival but instead, he walked right over, towering over our table as I looked between the two alpha males.

“Can we help you?” Darren questioned with his brows coming together.

“I thought that was you. What happened last night? I didn’t get a chance to catch you before you left,” he said as the sudden sounds of plates crashing caught our attention. I looked over seeing Jasmine, and Indigo nearly caused an entire mess, running into a waitress who spilled a tray of food.

“I uh…” Turning away from the girls to look up at Jack in confusion. “I’m sorry but you have the wrong girl.”

“Oh I do?” He laughed, looking at Darren who was no longer amused. “Is this another date you’re on? What happened to the guy from last night? Before you came home with me?”

This is why I don’t throw down on the first night because niggas act stupid after you give em some! He was no different! Jack had to see I was becoming uncomfortable because he gave me a firm nod with a wink before facing Darren.

“Sorry about that, looking at her now up close, she no where near my type. I thought she was another girl but you know… crazy night. Too much alcohol, paid women.. I get them confused a lot of times.”

“Paid women?” I repeated as Jack extended his hand towards Darren to introduce himself.

“Jack Ford,” he greeted before pointing at me. “Beautiful date. Sorry about that. One too many beautiful faces, they all start to look the same.”

When Darren stared at his hand, clearly not amused or impressed, I cocked my head to the side and smirked at Jack. This wasn’t punk ass Harrison he was dealing with. No, this was a real man with a backbone, and Jack picked up on the change of demeanor.

“It’s just a handshake buddy,” Jack said coolly.

“I’m not your buddy and I would appreciate it if you step away from this table before it's a problem. You coming over here disrespecting my woman---”

“Your woman?” Jack let out in shock before looking at me. “That fast?”

“Excuse me?” Darren checked as he rose up from his chair. Jack kept his eyes on me, probably trying to figure out my game. What type of game was I playing until Darren caught his attention.

“Like I said, back up or it's a problem. You don’t know her, and she don’t know you. Move along.”

“Let’s just go Darren. We can get out of here,” I said nervously as I stood up. I could see Jasmine covering her mouth with her hands in a silent gasp while Indigo shook her head.

“Hey, like I said. Wrong girl,” Jack said calmly with his hands in the air in surrender. He knew this wasn’t Harrison’s punk ass. This was a real man, real dominant man he was dealing with and Jack seemed too cool to fight anyone. I couldn’t even imagine him really being angry so he waved the white flag, to my slight disappointment.

“No hard feelings buddy,” he said as he shot a quick wink in my direction before turning to walk off. His smile suddenly dropped, and turned cold in a matter of seconds as I anxiously rubbed my hands together to look at Darren.

“You didn’t have to scare him like that,” I said as Darren laughed.

“White men got the world at their fingertips, and you come up to my table, pressing on my woman? Nah, get the fuck out of here before you make me step out of character.”

I smiled, watching Darren toss his glass back like a shot before looking at me.

“You still want to go?”

Nigga hell yeah! All this macho energy was a vibe and a half!

“I mean we can go. I’m not sleepy or anything but we can definitely leave this place,” I said in a dainty manner, taking his outstretched hand. I cut my eyes back at my girls, and mouthed, don’t wait up!

One look back at Jack who watched me with a grin. I couldn’t help but smile, and wink back at him before flipping my hair back as I began to strut towards the door with my date. I wanted to give off basketball wife vibes when I stood next to him waiting for our car to pull up. I wanted a night I wouldn’t forget, and the way that dinner turned into a showdown between my ex one night lover, and my soon to be one night lover, I was turned on.

I am a woman with needs and I didn’t care who was judging. Jasmine was probably cringing with disgust while Indigo silently cursed me out in her head, but I didn’t care. Soon as Darren, and I made it back to what I assumed was an airbnb because of the bags and suitcases he had packed in the corner, it was on.

“This is nice,” I said, slipping my heels off as Darren tossed his car keys to the kitchen counter. “Really nice.”

I started to look around, eyeing the corners of my current space where any boundly twisted up spirit or lingering energy like to hide in. Always checking each home or space I enter to make I wasn’t stepping into no bullshit but with my mind in medium mode, I felt a hand drag down my backside as I turned around.


Darren out of nowhere gripped the sides of my face in a passionate grasp and landed the messiest kiss on my lips with his goatee brushing up against my face like a prickly brillo pad.

Okay this was different

I tried to keep my balance, backing up against the wall as his head moved from side to side. Passionate trying to move as fast as his mouth that I had to slow him the fuck down so I could breathe.

“Hold on,” I gasped, looking up at the ceiling in a slight panic.

“Why wait?” He moaned, kissing on my neck as he pressed his hips against mine. “Why way baby? You started it in the car when you touched me.”

“I know but damn,” I tried to coax him to slow it down even more before wrapping my arms around his neck as he picked me up, and carried me to the back room. When I felt the sudden death drop onto the bed, I started to sit up when he nearly climbed on top of me, fully clothed as he started to kiss on my neck like a dog lapping up water.

What the fuck is this shit?!

I started to say something but I just kept thinking, maybe… Maybe he gets away with this bullshit ass foreplay because that thang is swollen down there. It had to be. I could feel something hard against my thigh. I could work with him if it was of size, but damn he needed to chill.

“Baby, baby baby,” I called out, pushing him back from my body. Seeing all the slob glistening around his damn mouth. “I’m not into this rushed sex. Take your time…” I coached. “I’m a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. I’m not going anywhere so take your time.”

Darren smiled.

“My bad. I’m so used to having to do this in a hurry,” he laughed as he pulled himself up. “Most women I’ve dated were into the rough sex but I see you’re the opposite.”

I like good sex is what I wanted to say. Controlled sex. This felt like he was scribbling on paper in a psych ward.

“Just take your time with baby,” I said, inching back on the bed as I slipped my dress off, leaving nothing but the lace thong as his eyes smiled, and his tongue slicked around his lips.

“Damn you’re beautiful,” he whispered, unbuttoning his shirt as I watched my own private show. Beautiful sculpted black man with the abs, and chocolate belly button. The perfect dark nipples no bigger than a hershey kiss, and little to no hair or marks on his skin. No amount of vanilla could amount to this sight.

“You have a condom?” I asked, watching him pull one out of his pocket.

“Cut the lights off,” I demanded as I sat up on my knees. “I want you to work a little harder for it.”

Ohhh that lump was sitting heavy in his pants when he walked over towards the bedroom and shut all lights off. Nothing but the smoke detector above flickering it's green light, and the kitchen light from the hall was the only thing we could see. Soon as I heard those pants drop with that belt buckle,

Clah cling!

I felt him coming down towards the bed with the sound of the condom wrapper crinkling in the dark silence until I could smell the latex for myself. The lights off should take the nerves out of him. He would be able to rely on touch, and taste instead of just sight. Sometimes men insecure about sex in the beginning, needed to take away sight and just go with what they feel is best and Darren was no different. His touch was much different. The kisses on my thighs felt controlled and sensual. He was opening me up as I laid back for him. Letting his hover over mine until I heard him moan something serious.

“Ohh shit this feels so good,” he groaned as my eyes flew open as his shadow began to inch up. Moving over my head before coming back down.

What the fuck was happening?

I reached my hand down between us, feeling blindly at his chest in the dark until I felt the thick heat between our bodies, and nothing else.

“You right baby, not yet. Too soon,” he gasped like he did something serious! He pulled himself back before gripping my wrist. “You wanna feel it huh?”

I clamped my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming out when I felt my hand grab and fully lock around something the size of a thumb on hard.

What is this?! Was this legal?!

“Shit thats right baby,” he moaned, attempting to fuck my damn palm! They made condoms this size?!

I felt my body dry up so damn quick. Shribbling up like a fucking raisin as Darren continued to arch in and out of my hand until…

“Aaaaghhh!” He cried out before falling to the side of the bed as I laid there like a prune. “That’s never happened to me before… I’m sorry. It’s been a while---”

The saving grace of my phone ringing in the other room prompted me to get up with my dress tucked underneath my arm. Wiping my shameful hand on the sheets, I rushed towards the living room to grab my purse to get to my phone. Indigo. Thank GAWD!

“Indie?” I sighed. “You need to come get me. Now. I need to leave this damn house---”

“Drop your location now. What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Tell her about Jack!” Jasmine yelled in the background. “Tell her---.”

“Girl don’t ask, just come get me. Please get me out of this house before I start crying,” I pleaded in a hushed voice while reaching to grab my heels.

“Did he hurt you? Is he---”

“Girl no. He got a small---”

“Are you leaving so soon?” Darren asked as he came out of the room, cutting the lights on. He stood with his perfect body with both hands on his hips and in the center was a nub. An extra piece of skin that happened to hang. Something you’d only see when a surgeon was removing something that didn’t belong on your body. He must of saw my face because he looked down at himself before grinning.

“I’m a grower,” he laughed. “Kojo is on sleep mode right now.”

“You named it?” I cringed before yanking the dress out as I stepped inside of it. “Course you would name that shit.”

“You’re not staying---”

“No. I got to go. My girls are picking me up---”

“I wasn’t trying to move too fast if---”

I looked back at him as my eyes zoned in on his penis because that’s what that shit was called when it was that size. How did he pee straight? I couldn’t even tell you what he was saying because I was halfway down the hallway, slipping one heel on after the other with Indigo on the phone, ready to meet me downstairs. Both girls laughing like it was the funniest thing to give a hand job to a fucking baby carrot.

“We’re about five minutes away from you now, but before I forget the details,” Indigo said as she settled down with her laughs. “That white man, Jack or whatever his name is came up to our table and asked about you. He asked for your number but Jasmine and I aren’t going out like that. We said no.”

“Good,” I stated, wishing I was in his bed right now getting handled like I was meant to be handled because this shit right here…

“But!” Jasmine let out from the background. “He said would like to take you out on a date tomorrow if you’re free. A real date, just the two of you.”

“I ghosted his ass and now he wants a date?”

“So that’s a no?” Indigo laughed.

“That’s a yes, but don’t make me sound like I’m excited about it. Make it sound like I’m doing him a favor,” I quickly added as I stepped outside of the building with a sigh. “Yes, I’ll have my date with Mr. Jack Ford. Anything is better than the shit I just went through.”

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"This felt like he was scribbling on paper in a psych ward." I can not!!


LOL what a funny scene! I'm just glad that nothing bad happened while she was with Darren. For a sec there, I was getting scared with the way he was trying man-handle her.... But yass bring my man Jack (Daniels) back on the scene?! He's with the shits! LOL #GotDamnDesireeDidItAgain #ImHereForIt


Tyesha Banks
Tyesha Banks
Feb 23, 2020

Yeees! I’m here for Tallulah and Jack!


Feb 22, 2020

Kmsl so she done ran into her very own Percy!!! 🤣🤣


Ooooooommmmmmmmmggggggggg i love tallulah and jack together. My new favorite couple. I just home she can be in the new books as well. Ima just pray.

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