Jack Meets Tallulah. Episode 2.


“I thought this nigga was supposed to be a lawyer or something? Percy acts like he barely knows him,” Tallulah fussed as we rushed into the restaurant bathroom. Clearing out the two ladies that stood in front of the mirror. Tallulah’s attitude had sent them one daring look before she closed and locked the door behind them. “Do you see how he’s all up on you?”

“Yeah Percy mentioned it,” I replied dryly, leaning against the counter. “If you don’t want to do it, we can just order our food to go.”

“Oh noooo,” Lu laughed. “I’m going to have fun with this. He’s probably sitting at the table now plotting on how to get us both in bed with him. Percy would rather fuss at you instead of checking him which is why I don’t think this is a friend of his.”

“Friends and Percy don’t even go in the same sentence,” I told her with a roll of my eyes as she laughed.

“Ohhh this is gonna be fun bestie. I get to talk my shit, dance circles around him, and?!” She spun around to face me again with a point. “And! Best of all? I get a free meal out of it. Order something for me too and make Percy pay for it. He won’t have to know but this is payment for entertaining this shrimp nigga because I can see a part of his scalp.”

“Oh God,” I laughed. “Are you going to behave the rest of the night?”

“I’m going to have fun the rest of the night best fran,” she said, whipping her ponytail back before walking past me to unlock the door. “All the lil ignorant comments about black women with white men, I’m with it. You know I’m with all the dumb shit,” she laughed just as she swung the door open. Lu was still facing me talking when I noticed a tall white man leaning against the wall on the opposite side dressed in a dress shirt and slacks glancing at his watch impatiently. He looked like the essence of an all american jock with the dark blonde hair flipped back in a cool manner. Chin length hair was brushed back like he could fit it in a man bun but he kept it free. The chiseled chin and square jawline, and honey brown eyes that darkened at the sight of Lu. His attention to her was instant and all I could do was smile because she had no idea she was probably going to say something really inappropriate.

“Besides,” she said, leaning down to fix her heel with her butt completely in the air for the man who smirked. “I can’t help that white men flock to me like bees to honey. What am I supposed to do? Turn the dick down because of the color? Please,” she retorted with a suck of her teeth. “Harrison don’t know it but I’m with all the dumb shit so he can keep being ignorant. Black men being insecure ain’t nothing new to me but guess what best fran?” She popped, standing upright as she adjusted her dress, tucking her breast with a push and shove. “He ain’t getting this pus---. What?” She let out, seeing I was pointing to the man behind her. She turned around, still holding the bathroom door open as the man smiled, clearly amused.

“So you really think… white men flock to you like...bees to honey you say? Is that what you really believe?” He asked with a grin as Lu rolled her neck. Oh God this man thought he was being funny and she took it the wrong way. Lu looked him up and down, clearly not impressed.

“Shouldn’t you be bringing drinks to my table instead of listening in on my conversation?” She asked as I quickly grabbed her arm.

“You’re right ma’am, my apologies,” he quickly said, still trying to hide his smile.

“Matter of fact, let me get another sweet tea with a lemon on the side while you’re at it.”

“My break isn’t----.”

“Whenever you decide you wanna work again instead of being a creep, and lurking around the bathrooms waiting to harass someone---.”

“I wasn’t trying to harass you. You came out of the bathroom with your ass halfway out of your dress talking---.”

“Boi what?!” She let out while I grabbed her arm, seeing eyes turning towards us. “White boi don’t do me because I will cuss you all the way back to yo raggedy ancestors. Where’s your manager? Huh? Where’s---.”

“Lu, this is not the time or place. Let’s just go---.”

“Better let him know Best. I can stay classy and cuss a nigga out at the same time. I can keep it cute---.”

“I know but come on. You have a date to finish so come on. He’s not worth it.”

“Maybe I should send Harrison’s lil ass over there to get him fired,” she grumbled as we walked off from the bathroom. I looked back at the man who continued to hang around in the bathroom hallway, still amused by it all until we were finally back at our table.

“What happened? I heard yelling?” Percy asked, looking to me for answers.

“Nothing serious,” I brushed off as we all sat back down. Harrison had his eyes trained on Lu who was looking at her phone, still irritated when he started to speak.

“So Tallulah, later on tonight? I’m wondering if you and I can----.”

“I’m not interested,” she cut him off as my mouth dropped. Just like that, her mood took a turn. Harrison looked towards Percy with wide eyes, not understanding what just happened.

“I uh… I was only---.”

“Asking if I wanted to come back to your place to get to know each other better away from these two?”

“I’m not asking you to fucking fall in bed with me,” he retorted. “I’m asking to get to know you better away from---.”

“I’m not interested,” she stressed. “I was going to entertain this date but I’m no longer in the mood to eat therefore I’m no longer in the mood to fake it boo,” reaching for her ponytail as she pulled the band down. Releasing the waves of dark strands that fell against her backside like a waterfall.

“You must have me confused with your cracker white men you like to lay up under---.”

“Oh,” I gasped with my hand over my mouth. I looked towards Percy for him to redirect his friend but he shrugged.

“Bed wench bitch. Women always think you want to sleep with them. You’re not even half as attractive as she is,” he pointed to me. Tallulah laughed while leaning against her seat with a playful smile at him.

“Hey you two, this really isn’t the place to do this,” I whispered.

“No, no… Words never bother me best fran,” she said with a smile. “Body language, energy and aura tell me everything I need to know. Right now, this man’s ego is hurt. So he attacks my looks to make himself feel better. Instead of being the loud ignorant bitch I know I can be because trust and believe even Pocahontas had a ghetto side to her, I’m going to keep it cute like I know I am and watch him… Oh, you’re leaving? Poor baby...” She laughed, watching Harrison slam his napkin down as he stood up.

“Is that you Harrison?!” Someone called out as I watched the same white man hanging around the bathrooms walk up to the table with his hand out as he towered over Harrison. “Hey, I thought that was you. I meant to come by earlier but I had a little incident at the bathroom hold me up. How are you?”

I looked at Tallulah, nearly jamming my heel into her leg as she brought the menu up with a flip to cover one side of her face. I leaned in, holding up my menu as we spoke in low whispers.

“Bitch, why you ain’t tell me he was somebody important?!” She hissed angrily.

“How would I know?! I didn’t even---.”

“Hey how’re you doing?” Percy let out as I looked up, seeing Percy standing up shaking hands with the man.

“Jack’s father is chairman of the board of directors at Grady,” Harrison quickly said.

“You’re the attorney everyone is talking about,” Jack pointed. “My father was just speaking with a few of his colleagues about you. This must be your wife?” He pointed at me as I smiled.

“Hi, Jasmine Milton,” I greeted, standing up. Tallulah nearly curled up in the corner, fully embarrassed, hoping nobody would mention her but I could see Jack’s brown eyes were staring so intensely at her that Harrison had no choice but to mention her.

“This is a friend of Jasmine, Tallulah Skye,” he muttered.

“Your date,” I reminded kindly.

“Date?” Jack repeated. “Did I interrupt something? I didn’t mean to----.”

“No, no no,” Harrison and Percy immediately plead, kissing all the ass in the world. “Actually, I was just about to leave. Date didn’t quite turn out as I imagined.”

“Nigga fuck you,” Tallulah let out before her eyes grew wide, realizing what she said out loud because we all stared at her. Percy turned white in the face, Harrison grew red with anger while Jack just looked, amused. He flipped his loose hair back in a cool manner while waiting patiently for her to look at him.

“I don’t think we’ve met Ms. Skye, I’m Jack. Most call me Jay for short.”

He stretched his hand out as Tallulah awkwardly stood up, more than embarrassed as they shook hands.

“Nice to meet you,” she muttered with a strained smile.

“You all haven’t ordered yet I noticed,” Jay said as he looked at our table. “Care to join my parents? I’m sure it would be a good look for Harrison here since you work at the hospital,” he teased. “And my parents would love to talk to you about an opportunity Percy.”

There was no question that we had to join. It was the way the game was played. Tallulah had to quickly pull her hair back into a ponytail while the men walked off with me and her a step or two behind. Jay threw his arm over Harrison’s shoulders with a laugh that was more than fake while throwing a quick look back at Tallulah.

“Okay so…” I whispered towards Lu. “This man is about to have fun with you at your expense. This is why I say you can’t be mean to everyone.”

“I got Indie calling me in a few minutes to dismiss this whole shit so I’m not gonna be here long either way,” she muttered back just as we walked up to the table seeing two older white people with silver hair dressed like they oozed money and class. Everyone was introduced and as horrible as it sounded, we all seemed to be on our best behavior until it came down to Tallulah who sat between Jack and Harrison.

Tallulah Skye

“And what about you Tallulah?” Mrs. Ford asked as the food was placed in front of us. “Harrison she’s such a lovely thing to look at. I have a good feeling about you two.”

I looked over at this fat head nigga who smiled at me.

“Sparks were practically flying at our table with those two,” Percy said as he took a sip of his wine.

“Practically,” I repeated with my own grin just as I felt a nudge against my knee. I looked to my right seeing Jack holding his phone out for me to look at the screen. Did my eyes look for a bulge that I didn’t see? You damn right. Maybe it tucks naturally but that would mean he’s small. Harrison didn’t have a print either but I could already clock his size just by his body weight, and height. But Jack had big dick energy. Harrison didn’t. I casually leaned over, looking at the screen to read the text, careful not to be too obvious.

I’m waiting for you to apologize to me.

I looked up at Jack whose brown eyes flickered back in my direction. I could see a hint of a tattoo on his neck, disappearing into the dress shirt when I snorted with a roll of my eyes.

“Keep waiting,” I muttered before focusing back on the rest.

When I felt another nudge against my knee, I irritably turned to look back at the phone to see another message.

Do you want to get out of here? I’m about to leave. My bike is outside.

“A bike?” I mouthed in disgust. “I’m a grown ass woman. Where I’ma ride? In the basket with my feet up?”

He grinned, showing the perfect row of teeth as he swiped through his images to show me a motorcycle.

“Oh… Oh that’s not safe boo. I’m not riding that,” shaking my head as Percy and Jasmine looked up at me. I realized I was getting too loud so I turned and focused my attention on my plate.

“I’ll be gentle with you,” Jack said as Jasmine’s eyes went from him to I, fighting back her own grin.

“I can show you how to ride.”

“I’m good,” flipping my ponytail back with a whip, knowing some of it brushed against his face. I was in my stuck up manner when he spoke in a low voice.

“Are you scared?”

“No, I’m annoyed. Stop talking to me,” I strained through my teeth. “You made me look stupid so I’ma keep you at a distance.”

“How did I make you look stupid, you did that all by yourself,” he laughed, leaning over the table to get my attention.

“Jack?” Mrs. Ford called out for her son, getting his attention with that warning tone. “Leave Harrison’s date alone. She’s clearly not interested and neither are you, correct? Show some respect for your father and I. Please.”

The tone was obvious and the remark was clearly directed more towards me than him. Harrison looked at the two of us suspiciously until his hand came down to my knee with a possessive tap.

“Beautiful women, what can you do?” He joked lightly as Mr. Ford nodded in agreement. “She attracts all walks of life everywhere she goes.”

“Excuse me, I need to use the ladies room,” I said politely as I stood up.

“Again?” Percy let out sarcastically. Jack stood up to let me out as our eyes connected briefly with that knowing glance. Big dick energy indeed. I could feel that heat.

“I look forward to the next dinner brother in law,” I smiled instead before walking off. I made my way out the back door, ready to text Jasmine to tell her to come on when I looked up seeing Jack coming down the side hallway until he pushed the glass door open that led to the back of the building.

“Where’s this bike you were going on about?” I asked, watching him pull out a cigarette to prop into his mouth. He clipped and flicked his silver lighter against the white stick before looking off at the busy street with a wisp of smoke blowing from his mouth.

“I Ubered here so we have to wa----.”

“Oh my God,” I groaned with my hands in the air. “I can call my own damn Uber if that’s the case---.”

“I’ll ride with you.”

“I’m not riding no gah damn where with you. Look, you’re probably dope in real life. I get it boo. I’m dope as fuck too when people get to know me, but I’m not interested. Between fathead calling me a bed wench, and you chasing after my black ass proving him right, I’m tired. My spirit is drained and my soul is empty right now. I just broke up with a cheating ass nigga who looks like you without the teeth and tattoos and…” Looking him over. “Rich spoiled son living off his parents look… Last thing I need is, getting in the car with you so you can try and tease me the entire way.”

“I wouldn’t tease you the entire way,” he said calmly. “I just got out of a relationship. I’m not looking for anything other than sex and you happen to be a beautiful woman standing here with a killer body, a shitty dickhead for a date who doesn’t know shit about shit,” he spat as a strand of his hair fell down his face. He looked like a kid that grew up in boarding school with the uniforms that looked like you would wear on a golf course. He looked like a Bradley.

“So what are you saying exactly?” I asked, arms folded across my chest as a black Audi pulled up. He glanced at his phone to check if it was the Uber or not before smiling at me.

Am I about to get my life tonight with this man? Yes. I made that decision when I got up. I just needed him to work a little harder for it. Sell it to me. Sell me a night I won’t forget boo.

“I’m saying… let’s not give a fuck together for a night. I’ll make sure you’re home in the morning with breakfast in your stomach. I have a robe, and shower and spare clothes you can change into.”

“You’re just the full B&B huh?” I popped as he smiled. “Do you even have a bike?”

“Never rode a motorcycle before,” he stated as I laughed.

“What else is in it for me?”

“The best sex you ever had in your life?” He asked, taking a pull on his cigarette coolly before flicking it off. He flipped his hair back with a smile.

“Mmmmph. We'll see,” I huffed with my nose in the air as I walked casually to the car. He held the door open for me, taking my hand as I stepped inside.

“Watch your head baby,” he cooed gently before sitting down next to me, keeping close until he closed the door shut.

Maybe the next date will be a better one.

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