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Fowler & Kayla Possibility

Homer Skye




My fist pounded on my brother’s door for the last time as Fowler and I stood outside in the apartment hallway waiting for Michael to respond. His car was parked but after standing outside for fifteen minutes, I decided to call it a day and head back to my car.

“I told you that nigga ain’t fucking with yall no more,” Fowler said as he took the stairs two at a time. Dreads twisted together with the front pulled up in a ball and the rest hanging down his back. If there was anybody that could be worse than Delilah, it was her brother Fowler. Both had that same sadistic streak about themselves and loved interfering with others. Only difference is Fowler could manipulate on command. Much like my sister Siren, he was able to get his way with anyone where as Delilah put more thought and planning into ruining peoples lives. Their third brother was normal enough now that he had a baby on the way.

“Who is this calling me?” I muttered, sitting back in the driver seat as Fowler kept his door open to smoke. I studied the number for a second before realizing who it was. “Wassup?”

“This is Percy Milton calling you,” Percy answered promptly as I sat back in the seat with a smile.

“What can I do for you Percy,” I said, reaching for a cigarette as I grabbed a lighter.

“My wife...Jasmine as you know… We’re on better terms…”

I placed him on speaker as Fowler tapped his cigarette with a flick before taking another drag. It was sick how much he looked like his sister. Had her entire face with a beard.

“I’m listening,” I said. “What about your wife?”

“I know she’s going through therapy and whatnot...and I’m learning about all this...magic stuff… actually? I need two favors…”

“I didn’t even hear the first one,” I said as Fowler looked over his shoulder, blowing out a thing of smoke with a smirk.

“My parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce. I want them to get back together,” he demanded. “My father just up and left my mother out of nowhere and if he can do that, he can come back.”

“And the second favor?”

“I want Jasmine to be pregnant with my child.”

Fowler looked back at me before whispering, “ain’t that the same nigga we jumped?”

I waved him to be quiet as I rubbed my chin in thought with the cigarette propped between my fingers. Pia was on birth control but I was still actively tracking and counting the days in the month when she was dropping an egg or about to bleed. That’s why everything, the ceremony, and my proposal had to happen on the Moon Run. Timing was everything with this and the energy of that night would actively surpass whatever hormonal pill she was taking. Until then, every time we had sex, I was begging her for another child, letting the words sink in until they decided to manifest my son.

“That’s a lot to ask for Percy. Where is all of this coming from?”

“Well, Jasmine and I made up and we’re on the road to having a happy marriage but I want her pregnant now. I want a child to seal the deal. I want my mother to be happy again and she’s happy when she’s married. Not getting a divorce at this age to be left alone. I’m calling you because I know your family is...unique in that aspect. Tallulah certainly never has a problem telling me so.”

“You can’t get her pregnant on your own?”

“Apparently not,” he retorted as Fowler coughed to cover his laugh.

“Percy, I think you can make that happen, now your parents...I may know someone that with that,” looking at my cousin, “but of course I’m going to ask for something in return.”

“How much?” Percy asked.

“Hold on. Let me ask him,” putting him on hold as I looked at Fowler.

“Nigga who you looking at?” he asked.

“Fowler Skye, the boy born with no soul. How much you want? They’re my future in-laws which means I gotta put up with them...which means I would have come to you or Michael, sooner or later. Move them out the way and get them back together. That should be easy for you.”

“They come from money, don’t they? Delilah said her friend was rich,” he sniffed as he studied his shoes, “I’on want money though.”

“What do you want then?”

Fowler’s sharp cat like eyes looked around, twitching at the slightest sound before turning his head to look sideways at me.

“Set me up with a girl like yours. I want somebody for the Moon Run,” he said. “He got another sister?”

“Last time we set you up with a girl, she went missing for a few days… You like to kidnap and hold girls hostage–––”

“I’m not on that no more,” he said. “I want something that’s real and that girl didn’t wanna leave, fuck you mean? She was on my shit for days. Couldn’t keep my dick out her mouth. Fuck outta here, nigga. I want someone with a body like cousin Lu but the face of an angel…”

I stared at Fowler with a frown before getting Percy back on the phone.

“Alright, hello?”

“I’m still here,” he replied. “Name your price.”

“Do you know or have any single women in your family?” I asked. “That I can set my cousin up with? The one that will perform the work?”

Percy let out a laugh before clearing his throat, realizing I was serious.

“You’re kidding, right?

“Why would I joke about that? I can easily just ask Pia––”

“You got lucky with my sister. If it wasn’t for my niece, they would be actively trying to split you two apart and put her with someone more fitting of her class.”

“I get it,” I snapped. “So you don’t know any single women?”

“Jasmine keeps bringing this Kayla girl around. I’m certain she’s single and possibly desperate.”

“Kayla?” I let out, wondering why that name sounded so familiar. Fowler was nodding his head wildly.

“Lemme get her number. I’m ready to fall in love like everybody else,” he said as I waved him to be quiet.

“Yeah Kayla… Works at a gym or school? I don’t know. Her, and Tallulah are always here,” he complained as my smile grew wide. Jaxon’s sister.

“I know who she is now…” looking at my cousin. It was almost cruel to put an innocent Kayla with him. “I’m on my way to Atlanta now––”

“Tonight, they’re going out to a club. I believe its at the Underground. I’m personally not ever going back to that place so my friends and I are doing game night at my house.”

“Lu is gonna be with her?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” he answered dryly. “I can try and talk–––”

“I got it from here. I’ll stop by and tell you the things we need for your parents to get back together.”


As soon as we hung up with one another, I grinned before bursting into laughter as I tossed the cigarette to the ground.

“She bad at least?” Fowler asked. “Something I can play with?”

“She’s something you can play with,” I nodded. “I’on know about bad but she’s a toy for the night. Don’t do shit to draw attention to yourself. I don’t want to hear your sister’s mouth.”

“I just wanna be in love like everybody else man...whether that’s in love with the pussy or in love with…”

He paused to think.

“Only kind of love there is,” he said. I laughed just as a car blasting loud music came pulling up against our car before backing in as I spotted Ryan in the passenger seat.

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