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Ending of Skye Fall Questions and Answers...

I was going to take my time and stretch out blog series and episodes as I stated in the back of Skye Fall, but I see a lot of readers are wanting to know how it ends. I was going to continue with the series since its alot to be said but on the BLOGS. Specifically with what Delilah receives from Jasmine from their reading. I will answer as much as I can on this post instead of writing separate blogs and posts and hopefully people can refer back to this as a reference. A lot of people are not a fan of the ending and I can understand that but as long as the four main characters are in a happy place, that is all that matters to me.

Delilah sits down with Jasmine and Papa Ju to receive a reading about her relationship with Ben. Jasmine tells her the EXACT SAME THING Delilah told Jasmine. When she and Percy were in a rough patch, she told Jasmine to endure it and stick it out. It will get better if you just wait. Now Delilah is in the middle of a rough patch with her relationship. Jasmine tells her, you need to stick it out. Ben is the one for you and nobody will have to suffer a little longer the way I did before you see any true happiness. The story repeats itself as Ben stated. Delilah walks away having to learn patience all over again and learning to never meddle with other peoples lives again. Eventually, Ben and Delilah do find middle ground and a way to work towards growing their relationship again.

Nubia and Damien stay and work it out by going to see Dr. Hampton for their marital issues. Nubia tells Damien that she had plans to take her children and escape to the north and leave him behind but he promises to make things right if she gives him one more chance so she stays. For now.

Michael and Homer leave for North Carolina to find Ryan only to see her out with new friends, and Alex by chance, and she looks happy. He gets out the car and causes a scene, Homer tries to stop him. Michael threatens to never leave Ryan alone until she talks to him. Eventually five men were arrested that night. Michael and Homer sit behind bars for the remainder of the weekend. Pia is furious. Homer threatens Michael that he can’t do this anymore. Brother or not, he cant do it anymore, saving him from his own mistakes and regrets. After that, Michael stops bothering Ryan. Goes on about his life, finds a way to coparent with Eboni and eventually meets a school teacher in Columbia that he falls for. Currently dating as a single father. Doesn’t run into or speak about Ryan again.

Ryan and Alex get engaged in the spring time around the same time as Pia’s wedding which she was invited to but decided it was best not to go for fear of ruining it with Michael. She and Alex have their own issues, far from perfect but she’s learning not every man is like her last. Eventually becomes pregnant and is currently hosting her first baby shower. The wedding is scheduled for the following yr after their daughter is born.

Akil and Tallulah are in Atlanta running the store at the Underground and getting into all types of crazy adventures together. He still drives her crazy and she still has a weakness for white boys. Take weekend trips to visit family in SC and see Antwon and Caroline. Indigo and Micah come down and visit with their baby from time to time. Same o same o with this couple. Akil has plans on proposing soon.

Jasmine and Percy are happy together. No plans on children any time soon although Jasmine has officially stopped taking birth control because she is not ready for a baby. If it happens, it happens. She is running the store alongside Lu, Akil, Kayla and their parents combined. Sometimes Kayla’s brothers will pitch in and help. Papa ju keeps close to the girls, constantly protecting Jasmine even when she doesn’t know it. Jasmine’s brother is currently thriving as a rap star after little to no evidence connected him to Ben.

(Current blog series I was attempting to work on)

Adora follows Fowler to South Carolina shortly after and doesn’t look back, not once. Everything about her is being questioned. She wants to know where she comes from. What is going to happen to her now and who was the person that approached her at a young age, and made her the horseman she once or still...might be...Fowler suspects she’s become a fallen saint but it won’t be confirmed until he asks around and talks to somebody. He thinks Ben was once like Adora until something happened and he found a way back to the real world...this world. Fowler is in love, obsessed with Adora. She just simply likes him. Fowler timed it right for her first time ever having sex, he wanted to get her pregnant and he did. He plans on proposing to her during Christmas and wants to build and spend his life with her, and he does.

Bodie and Honey are parents for the first time. Neither of them wanted children and thought about aborting the baby over and over. Honey was going to do it, she doesn’t think she’ll make a good mother but she stopped after realizing Bodie might secretly want a chance at being a father. Relationship became strained but as soon as they host their first baby shower, it's then that Honey realizes how excited she is about raising a little boy. With the remainder of the husbands in the area, unable to find their wives, some left...others turned up missing while a few went to go find their children. Bodie and Honey have couples night with the neighbors, BBQs on the weekends and as they prepare for little Bodie Jr, they couldn’t be more happier. She does mention that Bodie’s father is looking to talk to him but Bodie hasn’t decided on whether he wants to talk to him and meet his other siblings or not.

Frannie and Piru never had any other issues again. She still goes to the gym but on the days where Jaxon isn’t there. Nobody knows a thing and if she does run into Jaxon, the two share a look, a smirk before going on about their day. He is currently in a relationship with a woman he met at the Underground and actually sees a future with her. She is also a dream catcher like Frannie. His parents don’t approve at first but once they notice a change in him, they begin to slowly warm up to this girl.

Caroline and Antwon secretly get married and she is expecting her first child. She has yet to tell her sisters.

If I’m missing anything, I will continue to add here instead of making separate blog posts. There will be no series/episodes or anything concerning these characters since I pretty much gave away all the juice on this post.

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