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Deleted Scene. Didn't Quite Make it in the book.


“Yasssss best fraaaan!” Tallulah screamed as we stood out in the parking lot of the restaurant. Kayla had music playing from her phone as Indigo held her phone up to record us dancing. I held my purse high in the air as I rolled my hips. Ryan almost stumbled over the curve in her heels as Kayla grabbed her in mid fits of laughter. Tallulah let her long hair down as she swayed the long strands from side to side to the music.

“Yall are some pure fools,” Indigo laughed, cutting the music off, “I don’t know where yall think yall drunk behinds are going either. You need to go home---”

“We’re going out to the Underground tonight is where we’re going,” Tallulah said. “Kayla hasn’t been yet and I want her to experience it.”

“I thought we were going to the club?” Ryan pouted.

“Chile that is the clubbbb,” Tallulah sang as she threw her hips back into a circle, “where we’re going? It’s Grown and Sexy tonight so be ready boo. Them hazel eyes need to get us some free dranks. Maybe find a man to lay up under for the night since Trav is gonna eventually act stupid.”

“Oh! I want to find a man to lay up under!” Kayla let out with her hand in the air as we all laughed. “I don’t want to die a virgin so----”

“A VIRGIN?!” Tallulah shrieked as all attention turned towards Kayla at once. None of us noticed the white Escalade come creeping up until it parked right in front of us with the tinted windows.

“Is this the Uber?! Uber riding like this?!” Ryan shrieked as Tallulah ran up to the passenger window. “Shooooot! Let me get right! I forgot I’m in Atlanta now,” fluffing her light brown hair as she stepped up in her heels. Adjusting her dress and fixed her lips. Ryan was a pretty girl through and through and Kayla was a good balance of both laid back and pretty as she scrunched and squeezed at her afro. Indigo stood off to the side awkwardly while Tallulah tapped on the dark window.

“Hellooooo? Mr. Mannnnn?! Come out and show me a lil something!” Tallulah sang as I laughed. She pumped up her breast to shake against the window as Kayla gripped the corner of the truck to caress. “Come out, come outttt!”

The window abruptly rolled down as the soft R&B music seeped out and this masculine scent that was sweet on the senses took a hold of us as we all inhaled the air. That was until I heard his voice.

“Would you get your dirty fingers off the window?! This isn’t mine!” Percy snapped as my eyes grew wide before tipping in my heels towards the window trying to peek through the car. Catching him just after he closed the door.

“We need to call our own Uber if we’re gonna make it to the Underground in time,” Indigo announced. “I’m not babysitting yall drunk behinds so yall need to sober up!”

“Best fran!? Is that yo husband?!” Tallulah asked as I nearly groaned with embarrassment as the dramatics of the girls became instant when Percy walked around the hood of the SUV. His hair cut was fresh with his natural waves laying low in unison. Black button down shirt that was opened halfway exposing his chest with the black belt and pants. Shoes that had a certain shine to match the small earrings in his ear and the black and silver rimmed glasses that looked brand new to frame his face. Small trimmed goatee and a watch to top of his look. Even I had a moment where I took a step back to examine my own self, but the girls became my hype-men.

“YASSSS KING!” Tallulah laughed, brushing his shoulders off as Ryan circled around him with her brows waving playfully at me.

“But is there another one of you? That’s the real question?” Kayla popped with her head tilted to the side. “That smells just like you. I could literally roll around in your sheets all day---”

“Chile, just smelling all good for my good sis!” Tallulah laughed before sniffing Percy’s arm like a pure dog as Ryan steadily walked circles around him with her eyes on me. Percy stood there like a wounded man, not understanding where all of this was coming from when he looked to me for help. I just shrugged until Ryan reached for my hand to pull me close to Percy before bringing our hands together to hold.

“Oh my God,” I laughed.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” Ryan slurred as she held our hands up high together.

“What is this?” Percy asked, confused. “What the hell is going on?”

“They’re all kind of drunk,” I whispered as Ryan let out the loudest warrior cry.

“YOU MAY NOW KISS THE DAMN BRIDE!” she screamed, dropping our hands together before her arms flailed backwards like a windmill. Percy grabbed her arm just before she could fall back but gently sat her down on the curve as she laughed. I looked around for Indigo who shook her head.

“I’m not dealing with them like this Jasmine. I swear I’m not. I will leave and take Tallulah with me. The rest are not my responsibility.”

“But you know they can’t go out like this by themselves,” I told her as Ryan’s body nearly knocked my legs off when she attempted to pull Percy on top of her. Percy nearly had to keep her shoved to the ground before standing up right to adjust his shirt as he shook his head at me.

“Where were you planning on taking me Percy?” I asked, hating that this night might just be ruined. I know he was going to think I set this up on purpose.

“I was going to take you to the movies---”

“The MOVIES?!” Tallulah repeated in disgust. “Nigga the movies?! That’s it!? Dassit?!”

“Well I was going to get popcorn and---”

“Popcorn?!” Tallulah continued, mocking him as her head cocked back. Ryan was laid out like a rag doll while Kayla continued to sniff at him. She tapped him on his shoulder as he turned towards her.

“Do you know anybody that looks like you with a penis?” Kayla whispered as I covered my gasp before letting out a loud laugh. Percy’s face turned sickly pale as he began to stutter.

“Okay, it's time to go,” I said as I walked towards the passenger side door. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow for lunch---”

“Wait, we need a ride!” Tallulah pleaded as she looked around for Indigo who I knew, I just knew she wasn’t going to put up with it for much longer. She was already out of sight which left me with the three girls who could barely stand on their own. “We can sober up on the way to the Underground. Just drop us off.”

“I already bought the tickets to the movie---”

“The movies?!” Tallulah shrieked again, turning towards Percy as if he was speaking a different language. “Nigga, the movies?!”

“What’s wrong with seeing a movie!?” he snapped. “I don’t understand it!”

“Do you see how bomb as fuck your wife is?! How she’s dressed?! Even you with yo lil Rico Suave peach fuzz chest out, and yall going to the movies?!”

Percy and I looked at one another but it was only then that he took the time to really look me in my black dress over. I wasn’t dressed for the movies for sure, but it didn’t really matter to me at this point. We’re married and we need to get along. That was all that mattered.

“Yall been going at it for years, fucking around on each other, and dispresecting one another and when yall finally decide it's time to get right? You’re taking her to the movies? What movie yall seeing?”

“I got…” he fumbled, looking down at his hand in shame. “I got tickets to see the Lego Mo---”

“Boi bye. You childish Percival---”

“That is not my name---”

“Jasmine get in this car and have Percival drop all of us off at the Underground. We’re going to the club,” Tallulah said as she popped the back door open to get right on in. Not caring that she showed her lack of panties. Ryan immediately got up pouting not to get left behind while Kayla followed talking about penis. Repeatedly saying the harsh word.

That just left Percy and I standing there looking at one another as his eyes squeezed in suspicion.

“I didn’t do this on purpose---”

“I’m sure,” he muttered, turning to walk off. “I’m dropping them off and then we’re getting on with our date. That is the deal. This is supposed to be our night Jasmine. A night of us starting over.”

“I understand that---”


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