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Deleted Scene. Charmed. Mom & Dad

Pia Milton

I was in Homer’s bed.

The small sunlight peeked through the closed blinds and the sound of cartoons from the living room seeped into the bedroom when Homer appeared around the corner. Shirtless with thin dark blue sweats on, and a toothbrush he shoved to the side of his cheek with the white foamy paste building in the corners of his mouth. His brows came together, confused.

“What chu in here hollering about?” he asked. I closed my eyes and yanked the sheets closer to my chest, feeling my bare thighs.

This was my boyfriend. My baby’s father is my boyfriend. Homer Skye. He began to strut into the bedroom with the thin fabric of his sweats showing the lack of underwear. I could see every outline clear as day and it only made me dig myself deeper into the sheets in shame.

“Oh my God,” I groaned, “neither of us were drunk last night, right?”

“Not with baby girl around no,” he replied, distracted as he disappeared into his closet.

My memory seemed so shot. I barely remember last night except for thinking that we weren’t going to have sex because of Violet. Still, I hope I didn’t ramble on about things I should have kept to myself.

“So we’re really together,” peeking over the sheets with a laugh, “you’re my boyfriend.”

“I am,” he could be heard saying through the hanging clothes. Why am I dreaming about another man that has been an afterthought for months now?

Homer stepped back out of the closet completely nude as he studied a shirt picked from his stash. Things I had to get used to. His beast of a dog Desna walking freely throughout the house. She came stalking her long legs into the bedroom with a whine towards Homer.

“I hear you baby, I’m coming,” was all he said as I cringed. Glaring at the dog in disgust when she brought her happy behind towards me.

“Noooo! I don’t do dogs! Tell her to back away!”

“She doesn’t bite unless I tell her to Pia, you gotta relax,” he said as he shoved one leg after the other into black sweats, “I’ma be out for the majority of the day at the office so you are on your own.”

“That’s fine,” I muttered, staring the dog down who stood by the end of the bed. Neither of us moving as I watched Homer finish getting dressed. Violet, thank God for my child came running in screaming with crocodile tears as she held up her finger towards her father. Attempting to explain how she hit it, and he bent down to kiss her entire hand before she ran back out the room with Desna thankfully running behind her.

“I don’t even think she saw me,” I pouted as Homer looked at me through the mirror with a smirk but didn’t say anything. “I hope you don’t expect me to be your maid or make dinner for you like a housewife.”

He smiled even harder, but kept quiet which was all the answer I needed.

“I’m telling you now Homer? I am not Suzie Homemaker---”

“I ain’t said a word woman.”

“You were thinking it though. I’m not washing dirty drawers, and I’m not cleaning up behind you. Only me, and my child. You’re a grown man.”

“I ain’t said nothing Pia. I’m just looking at you thinking, I like the sight of you in my bed like that. I thought about what could happen if I stopped working for a day so I can lay next to you again.”

I fought back a smile as my tongue danced around my cheeks before I looked away.

“Oh,” was all I could say.

“My day is busy with meetings with investors and catching up on lost time so I ain’t worried about nothing. I ain’t forcing you to clean, cook or do anything. I’m just a man simply admiring his woman.”

He ended his little spiel with a snatch of his charge off the wall by the bed before leaning in to kiss me on the lips. I felt my breath escape my chest when he cupped my chin to gently pull back with a smile. Dark brown eyes piercing into me and his scent taking over my nose in the best way possible.

“Have a good day baby,” he said, pressing his lips against mine for a quick lock, “you want me to bring dinner back?”

“I can go out and grab something to make for dinner tonight,” I said automatically as Homer smiled. I just enjoyed his lips on mine, and this softer side of his usual masculine, dominant aura.

“I wouldn’t mind baked chicken and a few sides of your choice. Barbeque is my favorite,” he said casually as I nodded. Eyes fluttering open between the kisses before he pulled back altogether, “I’ll see you when I get home.”

I sat there for a second, stupid smile hanging sideways from my face like an idiot before pulling the sheets over my face and kicking wildly with my feet. Only to stop. Shoving the sheets back down as I beamed, and grinned at the ceiling.

And then that grin slowly dried up into a loose smile before my brows came together, repeating everything that just happened with our kiss.

“Wait a minute…” I said out loud, realizing I just agreed to cook for this man.

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