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Deleted scene

Danielle Grant

“What the hell happened, Khalin?” I demanded as my brother, Gigi, and I stood outside in the driveway facing a distraught Khalin Jones. I whipped my braids back into a quick ponytail while folding my arms against my chest, waiting for an answer.

“Something about that girl,” he said, dragging his hand down his sweaty face as he looked up at the bright sun shining down on us. “Something about her just bothers me.”

“No…really?” I gasped sarcastically as Gigi smacked my arm.

“Did she say why she was going through my kitchen?”

“She was trying to call her Mama I guess,” he shrugged before pointing at finger at her. “You’re the one acting so scared of her and now–––”

“Boy, I ain’t said I was scared now,” she retorted. “She was moving funny last night, acting strange. I didn’t know she was pregnant–––”

“She’s not,” clucking my tongue with irritation, “she’s not pregnant. They’re basically forcing her to have a child… Princess explained it to me.”

“Raven did say something about Pandora having a child this year,” Desmond added as Gigi rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean force?” Khalin questioned.

“I mean…its some type of contract or program she signed but claims she didn’t really sign it? Princess told me there’s basically a surrogate mother already carrying Pandora’s child. Obviously, she doesn’t want to be a mother but she clearly has no choice. Once she has a baby, then Princess is cleared to have hers.”

“Say what now?” Gigi let out as I shrugged.

“I dunno… This is how it was explained to me. It sounds crazy but look at where they come from. This is why I want to show them a good time in Atlanta. Maybe show them a different side to where they wouldn’t want to go back because what it sounds like to me is forcing a child on someone who doesn’t want to be a mother, not yet anyway…”

Khalin dragged both hands down his face with a hard sigh before looking back at the house.

“I didn’t know that…”

“Yeah well now you do. I suggest y'all both leave and just don’t come back until they’re gone. I’m taking them out to the Envy lounge tonight. Me and my friends,” patting my chest, “are going to show them a good time since you went on your whole mental trip with her. Why would you take her to see your Grandma?”

“I know she was throwing shit at her,” Demsond laughed before clearing his throat as Gigi shot an annoyed look his way.

“You need to apologize to that girl, Khalin,” Gigi said as I nodded. “You took her to that damn rally where they are literally fighting in the streets against the police, are you crazy? She could have been shot, or killed!”

“I need to apologize? Me?! What about you!?” He pointed. “You were acting scared all morning about this girl going through your kitchen! You wanted me to pump her for information and–––”

“Let’s get something straight right now boy,” Gigi said as she stepped her 5 '2 frame in front of Khalin with her hands on her hips. “This is my house. My house! I may not be your Mama but I raised and whooped yo ass like you were my son but you ain’t no stranger to a black woman’s love so stop carrying on like black women are the enemy! I love you like I pushed you right out of my cat! You hear me?! So don’t you ever!” stepping closer, “raise your voice at me again and accuse me of some shit like you got something on me. I have a right to question whatever the hell goes on in my house! You understand?! That don’t mean take the girl out and show her your ugly side! That don’t mean treat her with disrespect! That don’t mean not feed or provide at least a bottle of water for her to drink! You would kill a man with your bare hands if somebody treated Kennedy like that or even thought to treat her like that so why do you think its okay for you to do that at your big ass age, Khalin?!”

“Mmmmm hmmm,” I huffed with pursed lips.

“You find a way to apologize to that girl and you find a way to make it right before she leaves. We clearly don’t know her story, not even half of it but if what she says is true, the LAST thing she needs to stress or worry about is a hurt ass nigga who can’t seem to grow up!”

With that she stormed off and yanked the screen door open.

“Gon’ raise your voice at me, nigga you don’t even have a job right now. You ain’t even a real cop anymore,” she grumbled before the door slammed shut behind her. Desmond scratched at his head while cutting his eyes at me, trying not to laugh. I rolled my neck as I looked the two up and down.

“Anyway, I’m taking them out tonight to Envy Lounge. No need for y'all to follow us or show up. You’ll just make things worse.”

“I’m not into clubs anyway. You know this,” Desmond said.

“I got other shit I’m doing,” Khalin muttered, hearing the regret in his voice as he distractedly looked at his phone. “Something came up…a case I’m looking into…”

“Uh huh… I bet,” I mumbled, pressing my tongue against my cheek before smirking. “Better find a way to apologize and make it right. This is their last night here and I’m going to make sure it's a night they won’t ever forget. We turning up, whether they find their sister or not.”

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The Motown Maven
The Motown Maven
Jul 21, 2022

Think this should’ve been kept because Gigi ruined a lot by calling.


Will there be a part 2? Im so distraught by the ending and have so many questions.


Chandra Ward
Chandra Ward
Jul 05, 2022

Yasssssss! I was waiting for Gigi to go in on him... Can't wait for the next one....


Jul 05, 2022

This was the calm before the storm because they indeed turned up and didn’t want to go back.

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