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Deleted Scene.

Pia Milton

“Percy, open this door!” I yelled, banging on his front door with the umbrella clutched against my chest to keep me and my dad covered. The rain was insane out here today and it wasn’t even one o’clock in the afternoon. I started to bang my fist on his door again, trying to get his attention.

“I know you and Jasmine are home! You can’t avoid us forever Percy! I know you’re in there! We just want to talk! I just want to talk!”

“We need to get to him before his mother does,” my dad said as he used his boot to kick at the door. I looked around the muggy neighborhood, barely making out the houses in the washed out rain when I started to knock again.

“I’m going to try calling him again,” dad said as he pulled out his phone, “come on. We’ll wait in the car for now. I don’t want you getting sick.”

“PERCY!?” I yelled with irritation, “it's not going to do anything with you avoiding us! We just want to talk!”

“Pia, we’ll wait in the car,” my dad said as he grabbed the umbrella from my hand, “come on.”

I started to turn around when I remembered the spare key Percy gave me for the time Jasmine was at the hospital. I still had it. I quickly rushed back to the car with my Dad blowing behind me, and rummaged through the glove compartment until I found the silver house key. Percy had a self destructive personality like Piru. One turned to drugs, the other… well I wasn’t sure what Percy did but it was always suspected he inflicted self harm. Either way, we knew we needed to check on Percy to make sure he was handling the divorce okay. Before Elizabeth got to him and messed with his head. I didn’t agree with the divorce nor was I interested in meeting this woman who had my dad smitten, but it wasn’t my life or relationship therefore it's not my choice or business.

I just wanted peace amongst all of us at this point and with the family becoming divided, it was making it harder for that peace to happen.

“PERCY?!” I yelled, pushing the door open as I stepped inside the clean home. The kitchen light was on along with the TV blasting but there was no sign of him or Jasmine anywhere. House seemed to grow in size as we walked further inside, spotting the dozen roses in the glass jars spread throughout the counter top of the kitchen island. Empty wine glass and clothes I know didn’t belong to either of them spread throughout the couch. There was a single black candle that was lit in the center of the living room with the max melting blood red on the sides from within the candle. How strange. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a candle melt a different color before.

I anxiously called out to my brother again.


“Where’s the remote?” Dad asked as I started up the stairs. I could feel something moving against the walls the closer I got towards the second floor but was able to fully hear the constant knock the moment I stepped into the hallway. The bedroom door was cracked open.

“Percy?!” I yelled. “We need to talk!”

When there was no response, I slowly crept up to the bedroom door with my hand reaching over like legs on a spider, crowning the door with my fingers to push open.

“Percy?! Can we talk!?” I yelled again, hearing the obvious sounds of sex, “I’m not trying to interrupt anything but we’ve been calling you and calling you! It’s an emergency!”

When there was no response but the sounds of grunts and moans, I had this sick feeling that maybe it wasn’t even Percy and Jasmine. What if it was two strangers in his bedroom? Why else wouldn’t he respond? I was screaming as loud as I could so I know he heard me.

“Percy!” I called out again but the slapping noise was a clear sign of me being ignored. Maybe it was the TV but even the heat coming from the room was apparent as I leaned over to peek inside the room before gasping with a loud shriek.


The sight of Jasmine straddling my naked brother while hanging off the edge of the bed. Upside down with her eyes barely focusing, her gaze slowly rolled back to look lazily at me with drool coming down the sides of her mouth. Percy pummeled into her repeatedly while holding her arms for balance. His teeth gritting together with a hard snarl as the two went at it like possessed barbarians. Percy took that second to look directly at me before jerking Jasmine forward to balance her body as she cried out.

“What’s going on?” I heard my dad say as I turned back around to face him, stopping him just in time for him to see his son in that way.

“We need to go. We need to go, Dad. NOW!”

“What is it?!”

“He’s with Jasmine, that’s all I know---”

Jasmine let out the loudest moan as the pounding grew more persistent. My dad and I immediately knew to take our leave after that with me leaving the spare house key on the counter, swearing to never come back here again.

“I can’t believe he’s in there doing that!” I shrieked in laughter as I drove, “I kept calling him and calling him and he’s acting like he couldn’t hear me but he’s in there just… sexing it up with Jasmine like it's normal! The two barely get along and now this?!” laughing erratically as I sat back in my seat trying to erase the entire memory from my mind, “what are the chances of you and Mom having problems being the reason Percy and Jasmine stay together and actually work it out? That would be some good to come out of this I guess.”

I looked towards my Dad with the question as he sat quietly in his seat saying nothing but staring out the drenched window.

“They won’t last,” he said in a low voice as he rubbed his chin in deep thought, “they won’t last long if he decides to stay with her to spite me. Just to prove that he could do something I couldn’t do. It won’t last two years and having children will make it worse. You think it would make it better but it's just adding a mistake to an already bigger mistake.”

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Well I'll be damned... Ole Percocet up there putting the moves on wifey Jazzy! I'm loving how Percy and Jasmine are finally coming together after being at odds for so long... Though one might inquire where could an individual find this black candle that melts red colored blood??? hmm LOL #GotDamnDesireeDidItAgain #ImHereForIt


Tatiana W
Tatiana W
May 27, 2020

Well dang lls... that candle dangerous to the womb 😆😆.. so they just gonna keep going till the candle burns out? Sheesh 🤔 I need several 🤣🤣🤣🤣


C. Free
C. Free
May 27, 2020



May 27, 2020

Oooo goodness! Percy used the candle...

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