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Black N' Traveled: Siren & Morehouse

Siren Skye

“You are the only man on this earth that would put up with this,” Nevaeh said to Ahmad as adjusted my shades and tugged at my bikini straps. I looked back, making sure there was nobody blocking my picture before facing my man with a daring pose. He held my phone down at an angle and started taking pictures as I moved around the pool.

My sister sat her things down in the chair beside his as she began to lotion up. She wore her cover up mesh dress with her locs hanging freely down and pulled out a book to read.

“If I don’t do it, she’ll complain the whole time about not getting pictures,” he huffed with an agitated tone, “I’m just doing this shit to get it out the way.”

“That’s what makes you a good man for her.”

“Don’t judge me!” I let out as I stepped out of the pool and motioned for him to take more photos. As soon as I gripped my cheeks from behind to lift up, Ahmad put the phone down to cut me a look. “What? I can’t–––”

“Who you taking these pictures for?” he questioned.

“Nobody but myself. I wanna look sexy–––”

“For who?”

“For myself!” I argued. “Is that too much?”

“Find another pose,” he demanded. “I’on like that.”

“And I don’t like you policing my body,” I said before sitting down on the steps. I arched my back, letting the wet bundle flip back as I tooted the ass up like I was on Sports Illustrated. “Are you taking this picture? Make sure you get the right angle–––”

“Siren? Nah,” was all he said as I got up with a groan, sucking my teeth, I snatched my phone back from him and sat down to study the pictures.

“You can barely see my face,” I complained with a pout, “some of these are too bright with the sun…Nevaeh, you got your camera on–––”


“Well can you take my pictures–––”

“I’m reading,” she said as Ahmad quietly slipped into the pool.

“Yall stay trying to oppress me,” I let out as I laid back on the chair to air dry.

This may be the last time I enjoy my body. I knew I was pregnant. I could feel the change already happening in my body and maybe, if I stared hard enough, I might have even peeped a little baby bump. Ahmad wanted children now while he claimed he still had the energy at his age. I could do without them but I couldn’t deny that I was a little happy. I just needed to confirm so I could tell him.

“Where is Junie?” I asked.

“Somewhere with Demarco and Elijah…Probably getting drinks somewhere or he told me they were going to catch a ride into the town,” she answered nonchalantly as she turned the page.

“What about Homer?”

“Somewhere with Michael and Audrey….Pia too. I think they went on a tour together. Shiloh and Amari are with Francesca and Piru. I have no idea where Delilah is. She just sorta disappeared.”

“Nobody invited me anywhere,” I complained.

Nevaeh looked over at me through her shades and shrugged.

“Didn’t you tell me you and Ahmad have busy schedules and barely see each other during the week. Only at night?”

“Yeah but–––”

“Okay so maybe your vacation should be to enjoy your husband for once. Mine is to get away from mine. Junie and I are always on each other. We need a break. Pia can’t really function without Homer these days and Michael and Audrey are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Everyone is off doing their own thing and you have your man right here…” she pointed as I looked into the pool at Ahmad gently floating on his back, taking in the son. He looked so serene and peaceful. I know he was the type to keep to himself and his own thoughts. Never really liked to be around a lot of people but somebody I annoyed my way into his heart and life.

I got up, putting my phone away in our bag before slowly stepping into the private pool. Ahmad opened his eyes and sat upright as he watched me slip further into the water until I had my arms wrapped around his neck, letting him take us both around the water.

“Oh you done taking pictures huh?” he asked as we backed into the corner of the pool.

“Mmm hmmm,” I hummed before leaning in to kiss him.

“I’on know why you girls be doing that. Uploading shit for other niggas to see...why you need that validation?”

“It’s not validation,” I corrected. “It’s a form of self love and I want others to see that self love,” I shrugged as he laughed. “I want girls to see how lucky and blessed I am, and I want niggas to wish they were you. I do enough boasting for the both of us. You can be silent about your prize but I am a proud woman. You knew that when you got with me.”

“I know it,” he said, pinching his nose with a sniff.

“Like them girls at the airport staring you down wanting to know where you’re from, who you you don’t have a ring on your finger. You just smiling and cheesing like it's cute. You like validation too.”

“Them broads was in their 60s hitting on me, Sy.”

“And?” I said, rolling my neck, “I’ll fight them too. Age is nothing but a number to me. Oh! I was had lunch with Niecy last week and oh my God,” getting into gossip mode, “she was telling me how she hooked up with this nigga from the club and they’d been seeing each other right?”

“Mmm hmm,” he hummed.

“I was like, oh okay girl. Do you...get yo man...but he’s seven years younger than her...I said, nothing wrong with that. You know me and my man is damn near a decade a part so what’s the problem? Girl,” I popped, looking at my husband, not even realizing I called him a girl.

“What she say?” he said, going right along with it.

“She said it was the worst sex she had of her life and don’t know how to call it off with him because he really likes her but he’s younger. I said, why was it bad? She said, this man was fucking like he watch a lot of porn.”

I could barely get it out before Ahmad started laughing.

“I said, oh my God,” I giggled, tucking my hair behind my ear as I clung to his shoulders. “I was like, okay so maybe you can teach him...Everybody can learn something in the bedroom.”


“Girl she didn’t wanna hear it. So she texted me this morning saying she’s gonna break it off because otherwise, he treats her nice...He wants a relationship with her. He wants to get serious with her but…”

“But the sex ain’t hitting on nothing,” he said as he pushed himself out the pool to sit on the edge. I remained in the water but kept close to his knees as he tried to dry off, and catch a little tan. “That’s how it goes...Can’t always get everything you want in life.”

“I told her to fake it until she can teach him.”

“Ain’t nobody faking shit, we too old for that. You be faking with me?” he asked as I grinned. His nose flared at my lack of response before I let out a laugh. “Siren?”

“You would know if I fake it with you. I won’t even let you give me bad sex...I’ll stop you before you do but you act like you don’t be turned on. Every man and woman I meet is turned on by my abilities...they…” swimming up between his legs as I slowly pulled myself out of the water, having my slo-mo moment of wet chocolate dripping down in front of him. His eyes looked me over but he wasn’t impressed, he never was. No matter if I was right between his legs with my tongue flickering against his lips for a light kiss.

“Every man ain’t me,” he said coolly. “All of this, ain’t enough for me to get turned on, you know me better than that.”

“You sure?” I asked, putting on a sultry voice. Ahmad just started laughing as I dipped back into the water. “Men would lose their minds if I did that to them.”

“Yeah I bet,” he said with a snortful laugh.

Of course, my man was still highly attracted to me, despite his nonchalant attitude in how we communicated. He always struggled with showing emotions and affection but every now and then, he would have a moment like us walking along a thick forest for the first blue watering hole with our life jackets and cameras. I was giving the run down history of the Mayans from what I studied before coming here, surprising the tour guides with my knowledge and halfway decent spanish. We stopped as the tour guides began talking specifically to me, exchanging dialogue in spanish and english, not realizing the rest of the group was staring in awe.

“This is your wife?” Hector asked, pointing at me, “she’s your wife?”

“That’s her,” Ahmad said with a proud smile with the nerve to blush, “her mind is incredible.”

I smiled as I looked at everyone nodding in agreement, not knowing one lick of english. We continued on when I felt a strong arm wrap around my neck and pull me in close for a kiss on the side of my face.

“What was that for?” I laughed, looking up at me and mine, “you’re all red in the face.”

“Because...I you. No other reason Sy. The crazy girl that lived behind my crib way back when that was always following and bothering me on the way to the school...every day you amaze and surprise me with that brain of yours. I love that shit more than you’ll ever realize.”

“Mmmm,” I cheesed, pulling my phone out for a picture. He hated taking pictures but I held my phone up in front of us and he pressed his lips against the side of my face for a kiss before leaning his head against mine for a pose and a smile.

“When we get back to the room, I expect you to talk to me in spanish while I’m knocking the bottom out,” he said against my ear in the most aggressive, assertive tone that I got chills when I looked up at him. He was back to stone cold Morehouse that I knew him to be but all it did was just excite me, the same as when I first met him and he wouldn’t pay me no mind.

Wait until this man finds out I’m carrying his son right now.

A continuation from the newsletters you should have received this week. If not, I will post on the blog tomorrow morning.

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