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Junie Boy

“Niggas is going crazy right now! The fuck is going on?!”

I look out the window, looking back at the long line waiting to turn into the gas station early Friday morning in Southwest Atlanta. I yanked my mask off my chin and hung it on the mirror as I rolled the rest of the windows down and relaxed in the seat, waiting.

“Gas shortage will continue as people all across Georgia and other southern states scramble to find gas. Prices continue to rise–––”

I reached to cut the radio off before sitting back, irritated until I felt a small hand grip the back of my head rest. I looked up through the mirror, seeing my daughter out of her chair with her fingers smelling like peanut butter from the sandwich she had this morning. Her hair was scattered all over the place, bright hazel eyes looking around wondering what was happening, while my son sat calmly in his seat looking just like Nay, down to the complexion and calmness of his personality. He clasped his hands together and stared at his sister who couldn’t seem to sit still.

“Mai sit back for me for you get me a ticket,” I retorted, despite not bothering to make sure she sat back. Wasn’t going no where. Line barely moved. I was about to say fuck it when I glanced over at the gas station. Cars stacked behind one another to get to the pump, there was one body in particular that caught my eye almost immediately, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. I couldn’t see her face but she sashayed back towards her car with her locs swinging and a skin tight black dress that cupped her thick thighs together. First thought was she looked like Nay. I couldn’t tell from the road until I saw her go to the red Optima and pop the trunk open.

It was her, and she was next in line to get gas!

“Shit,” I scrambled, rolling my passenger window down before fighting for my phone. I kept looking between the screen and Nevaeh as she leaned against the car talking to whatever man was holding her attention across the way until the phone started to ring. When she didn’t budge, I figured she must have the phone in the car so I anxiously looked ahead of me at the 15 plus cars lined up before sitting back.

“I’m gonna have to get ignorant,” I muttered, rolling my window all the way down.

“Daddy what are you doing?” Mai laughed, watching me groan and ache as I shoved half of my body out of the window, letting my locs free as I sat on the door and looked over the roof of my car at Nevaeh, clear as day in front of me. My wife.

“SCUZE ME?! MISS LADY!?” I hollered out, cupping my mouth with my right hand as I kept an eye out for the line. “SHAWTY IN THE BLACK DRESS!”

Everyone started to turn their heads as Nevaeh slowly looked around until her expressive eyes landed on me.


She slowly cracked a smile as I motioned her to step forward with my finger.


She raised her hand to show off her ring as she slowly walked over towards the line of bushes, glistening forehead and lips looking extra moist, I felt myself falling all over again for this quiet girl that lived next door to me at one point.

“So wassup then?” I said, playing along as she whipped her locs back from her chest. “I see you got a ring on yo finger but that don’t mean nothing, you talking to other niggas–––”

“Do not start Junie,” she said softly, checking me all the same as I grinned. “I told you to get up early and get gas, did I not?”

“I know you said it but I ain’t think it would be like this...Look at this shit,” I complained as the line went on past the light while cars blocked every which way to get in and out of QT.

“Miss?!” someone hollered out, blowing the horn as she turned around. The car was attempting to leave the pump with Nay’s car being next.

“Save me some gas with yo fine ass!” I yelled out. She walked back with a wave of her hand as whistled after her. “All that ass! Girl who you got pulling on them locs at night?!”

When she flipped me the middle finger, I laughed before jumping back in the car, feeling better until I realized the line ain’t moved.

“That was mommy?” Mai asked.

“Mmm hmmm...See how smart she is, she got up early and handled business. Daddy wanted to sleep in and this is why I’m here and she’s there.”

“Because mommy is smart.”

“That’s right,” I agreed, looking back at Kobi rubbing his nose with a yawn. “Lil man, you want another brother?”

“No, it's going to be a girl this time,” Mai said casually as I broke my neck to look at my daughter. She was sitting back in her seat with her doll in hand, attempting to do her hair when she looked up at me with a smile, “it's a girl.”

“It’s a girl? You think mommy, pregnant?”

“Mmm hmmm. I talk to her at night right here,” pointing at her stomach. I stared at my daught