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Apology that will never happen.

Pia Milton

“And what exactly would you do?” my mother asked with a dull tone, “every woman thinks she knows what's best for her marriage and how she would react if she found out her husband slept with another woman… Her husband is planning on leaving her but the truth is, you really have no idea until it happens. Which is why we’re in this hospital now. All Francesca has ever known is Piru. Although, I don’t agree with what he did by any means, she won’t...she can’t leave him. I won’t allow it. She can be forgiving. She’s going to have rough patches in her marriage but this is something they can get over.”

“Let’s not speak on what anyone would do in a marriage,” I suggested. “We still don’t know what’s going on with Fran.”

“You’re right,” Howard agreed. “Let’s just wait patiently for Piru or the doctors to come back to inform us. Not good to speculate about anybody.”

We sat in silence as my mother kept her red eyes on Homer. Oh dear God please do not---

“Homer, I would like to apologize,” she started as he looked towards her, “I’m sure you must hate me. My daughter and I have our moments but she is still my daughter who I love deeply and wish nothing but the best for her in every point of life. She knows this. I want you to know I was in a dark place at the time and mentally wasn’t stable with myself, my life, and well being.”

Even my father stared at his wife like she was a completely different woman but Homer’s face never wavered. Other than a few blinks, he was emotionless.

“I really do hope you can forgive me for that awful night and we can move on from this. I miss my granddaughter and seeing her now, realizing how big she’s getting… I’m missing out on so much. Now that I’m alone in that house, I really have no friends, no family to speak of… None of my children come to visit or call. I’ve isolated myself at the worst possible time in my life. I just hope we can start over.”

Homer looked down at Violet, checking to make sure she was comfortable before crossing his ankle up to his knee.

“I’m good.”

“Homer?” I mumbled nervously, seeing my mother was on the verge of tears. She wasn’t expecting that. None of us were expecting that. “She’s apologizing---”

He cut his eyes at me with his brows furrowed together.

“If my mother spit on you, do you think I would be in your face telling you to forgive her?” he asked as I immediately grew quiet. He looked back at my crumbling Mother. “No apology needed. We don’t ever have to speak and I will be just fine with that.”

“Homer?” I heard a voice call out as I groaned. His mother was here. This was like one bad soap opera scene after the next. I didn’t even bother to turn around when Carol walked up to the waiting area with Caroline by her side. The height difference was staggering as she waved towards everybody.

“Hey yall, just came to bring, baby girl with us. We’ll be back when the sun is up with food and switch out,” Carol said, wiping the sweat from her forehead as Homer stood up. “How is she?”

“We don’t know yet,” he said as Carol stepped aside to let Homer transfer a sleeping tot into Caroline’s arms. I felt silly for my outburst but it sorta just slipped out.

“Can you do her hair with the braids coming down?” I asked as Caroline looked at me with a stern stare. I had to learn that, that is just how her face looks. Like a witch. A true wicked witch that could kill you with one look. “Her braids that came down together with the beads. I can cash app you,” standing up with a tug at my sweats, “her hair was washed yesterday and conditioned.”

“You’re not using the right products for her hair type Pia,” she noted as she touched her brittle ends, “I’ll send you a picture of what I use so you can buy it yourself. What color beads?”

“Yellow this time, she’s into yellow,” I smiled while inwardly cussing her out as she picked through my daughter’s hair like it was a disaster.

“I’ll call you Homer,” Carol said before smiling up at me. We hugged instantly. “Did you try that recipe I sent?”

“Yes ma’am. He picked at me for a minute but he ate it all.”

“Like I knew he would, let me know if you want some more. Feeding him ain’t easy,” pointing to her son as she waved towards Tuesday and Jason, “how you doing Jason?”

“I’m fine Mrs. Skye…”

“Who’s watching the babies while yall are here?”

“I had to call Trinity to come over,” Tuesday said. “His mom is coming in a few hours so Trinity can be here.”

“Chile,” Carol laughed. “You got who? Trinity? Watching three girls? You need me to take Ru? We’ll just have a house full of babies… the girls can keep each other company at Nevaeh’s house while I help her with her newborn.”

Tuesday looked towards Jason as he got up to look for Piru.

“I told her the girls are asleep so she shouldn’t have any problems and they’re familiar with her---”

“No ma’am. Trinity babysitting three at a time...she ain’t ready for that. Trust me.”

My mother stood up along with Howard as Carol suddenly looked to them like she just realized they were sitting there.

“Hey, how are you Mrs. Skye?” he greeted with his hand out. Carol ignored his hand and stared at my mother who was several inches taller than her yet Homer’s mother was more intimidating of the two.

“Mama?” Homer called out. “Mama don’t---”

“Let me tell you something,” Carol started with her finger pointing at Elizabeth, “if my niece wasn’t in the hospital right now, and we weren’t in the waiting room? I would mop the fucking floor with you,” she said, New York accent just as harsh as her words. “But there is a time and place for everything. I adore your daughter like she’s my own but I don’t play about this boy right here,” pointing at Homer. “Grown and all, I will fuck yo ass up if you ever try that shit again with him or with any of my children, you understand?”

“Mama?” Homer called out, completely embarrassed, “Maaaaa, you gotta chill.”

“Do you understand me?” Carol asked as my mother weakly nodded. Oh God. This was beyond embarrassing and hard to watch. Thank God Percy nor Piru were here to witness this because this would have been a fight nobody would want to see.

“I understand what I did was wrong and I already apologized. I wasn’t in my right mind---”

“Well next time you feeling a lil crazy, you come see me. I’ll show you crazy,” she threatened. “I raised crazy. I gave birth to crazy,” pointing at Caroline who pursed her lips towards my mother.

“And I will act a plum’ fool over this one,” Caroline added for emphasis, standing behind her mother, nearly towering over her height with my child in her arms.

“Aight, we’re done. I’m not a lil kid needing back up,” Homer said, pushing his mother back just as Jason came walking back down towards the waiting room with a thumbs up.

“We got the okay to go,” he said. “Lemme get the car seat and bag.”

“Ain’t playing with these high horse sitting country mothafuckas,” Carol muttered angrily, taking Francesca’s daughter in her arms, “hey Auntie’s baby… You ready to see Mai?”

I sat back down as I watched Tuesday try not to break out into a laugh, she rushed out behind them until it was just my parents and I sitting at the waiting room. Nobody said a word for a few minutes until my mother gasped and stood up with her arms out like her savior just walked in. I turned back and inwardly groaned again at the sight of Jasmine following behind Percy.

As long as they didn’t start up, this wouldn’t be too bad.

Release dates begin Sept 15th. Starting with Charmed. Ending with Skye Fall.

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4 commenti

I have some catching up to do, because I can't quite seem to remember who's in the hospital... Listen when that NY accent comes out, stand out the way mmkk lol. I love me some lil ole fiery Ms. Carol. She's with the shits! LOL #ImHereForIt $GotDamnDesireeDidItAgain

Mi piace

07 set 2020

Maaannn Carol is a true southern momma baby!!!!....we dont play bout our kids lmao...cant wait damn it ain't Tuesday the 15th YET!!!

Mi piace

07 set 2020

Yes can’t wait

Mi piace

C. Free
C. Free
07 set 2020

Carol don't play about Homer's mommas boy ass, I LOVE IT !!! Come on 15th

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