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Alright let's go ahead and have the discussion now. Let's start with the only main characters that matter and make the story. Khalin and Pandora's storyline concerning their Mom. My thoughts... I was conflicted on whether or not to put them together because it felt like I would have forced it yet...I do believe they have feelings there. Just not enough time to process what was actually happening. I don't think they will end up together in the end but I do think there will always be tension and attraction there...almost like they'll forever have a moment of awkwardness even if they go off and do their own thing. Questions on our girl Pandora/Khalin

My thoughts on Raven and Desmond. My absolute heart. His mom does not like Raven but she's trying for her son. The Mom nor Dani care for Raven and think she will somehow take advantage of him. I think the truth is whatever he does for his Mom and sister will now dry up because of Raven and the baby coming in, and that's the real issue since Raven is not someone Gigi can easily manipulate in that way. Desmond did what he said he was going to do which is go in there and get her himself. They will face the usual problems of just getting to know each other, learning how to do basic things together and apart and her Mother eventually getting out from behind the walls because I don't think she is going to want to stay knowing her granddaughter is now out there and she's not. It would be the same as Pandora's Mom. She's power hungry but having a grandchild inside the walls is a status symbol that can't really compare. So she will probably hear from her Mom or Teresa will attempt to reach out to her but I think Raven has closed that door. As far as her an Alpha being her brother (something discovered in Stacie's book) they're closing the gap but the concept of a brother/father is not something her or Pandora really care to explore.

The Community

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The Connections so far.


Bruh Man, Kuran Godfrey is the toxic rapper and nephew to the Godfrey men.. hired an assistant named Elodie.


Elodie appeared in the story when her older half brother, Theo, who is the neighbor of Mia in Girl Below and eventually, wife.. woke up one day hearing voices in her head. This particular side of her brother's/dad's family is well off. Very well known in high society in Georgia.

Elodie's Mother was unknown for a while but there is a scene where Lucas Godfrey threatened her saying he knew who her mother was and hinted that she may still be alive or family may still be alive.


Mia in Girl Below 2 ended up going to Elodie's wedding rehearsal where she overheard the conversation about an auction taking place. Very fancy well to do people in this event and the women are sneaking around speaking about auctions and someone lets it slip that this is where Elodie's mother was bought.


Had Elodie decided to take the route of discovering who her Mom is and where she came from, she would have tipped right into Perfect Sister but I believe it was stated somewhere that she wrote a paper on the cult already. She decided to. close that chapter and leave it be, content with her life after meeting Shaheed.


In Bruh Man, there was a girl who was Elodie's close friend that suddenly disappeared the moment they found out Bruh Man was into her. Nobody knows where she went but it could have been her baby daddy coming after her or..idk. She just disappeared and everyone accepted it. Unspoken word about how these men can make men and women disappear.


Samantha in Godfreys mother was killed by the hands of Frank Godfrey but police and whoever else did what they could to cover it up, even at that time because they were still in the busy of moving women around, including to a small town called Middleton Ga.


Andera knows of the Godfrey name because she is the host of the auctions (end of Perfect Sister book 1) and sometimes dealt directly with "shipment" What she didn't know is Cheryl's connection who was given a choice to be with her daughters and she chose her daughters, so she is still very much inside the walls.


Stacie's first husband Alpha's mother, who died when he was young, learned about his mother's upbringing behind the walls where she gave birth to a little girl that she was forced to give up in exchange for "freedom." As a part of contributing to the newly developed Motherhood Program. He found alot of this stuff out while in attempt to salvage what was happening with his marriage between his wife when they were going through it. idk which book. probably the last one.


Back to Elodie who eventually married a man named Shaheed...she became close to a woman who "pimped" girls out named Tasha. Tasha discovered a woman named Bria McDaniels who is in search of who she is..has no memory of her upbringing or family...


Bria discovers half of her family is on the black spiritual/magical side with the possibility of her father being in the Underground community (HBCU story in current rotation)... and her cousin being a girl named Souxie Lafayette. Bria also met a farmer named Will out in south Georgia, just outside of Albany who is actually related to our girl Elodie up top...


If I think of more, I'll continuously add to it. I hate that I write like this but I can't help it lmao.

Thoughts On Writing

I sooo agree, Perfect Sister Series is bigger than 2 books. However, the characters are NOT. They are not strong enough for me to continue to write about them the way Carters, Skyes got over 10+ books total. Not that I'm lazy or just throwing something together to hush yall up after 2 years. Stacie was the only one which is why she got 3 extra books on the side and had it not been for her...I would have jumped ship a long time ago. So I left enough room to do updates because I want to see their dating lives going forward and showcase life behind the walls a little bit whenever I feel like dipping back into this world to write.

Scout and Smoke...the move she pulled off in the end, doesn't happen for almost 2 seasons later. She leaves room for a third book but with this type of storyline, its enough to fill up episodes and quick chapters to upload to vella/patreon/blog. Not enough to write a full length third book so I won't speak too much on them because I'm saving whatever juice I have left for just that. Whenever I'm having a slow writing day, I can come back to this story and write because I would love to show her time with Smoke while she was in Atlanta. They're actually so cute but since the story is NOT about her, there was really no need to go into depth or she would have taken over Pandora and Khalin's stage. But they're are so cute. Is he going to get her? IDK. I think when he releases those tapes...his ass might turn up missing lmao. i dont know. Everyone is on that shit though. EVERYBODY. Recordings of recordings on top of more recordings. Shows the truth about what happens to baby boys that are born...etc etc. So much.

Cult Theme

Mayor and Dr. Parrish..and her mother Leslie Noles who turns out not to be her actual Mother. I think her Mom lied just to cut ties with her daughter and leave it on a bad note. I actually think that is her birth daughter and due to Mayor basically staying in Atlanta because she could have easily came back if she wanted..and once Leslie calmed her ass down...she probably realized the reality of getting her daughter back in the walls, and being the same woman she was...was slim to none. She knew she lost her and its probably easier to forget about her but she is another example of what a Mother could be to their own child.



As far as Alvina being apart of the feds...I believe she was approached early on...I don't think she was placed there as a baby...She most likely gave birth when she was coming and going as she does and why she stays so close to Andera who at the time was doing the same. I think of Alvina as someone that Scout eventually turns into. Growing old behind the walls, "childless" and secretly saving everyone instead of yourself. Sacrificing yourself in order to keep hope alive and reunite loved ones together but somewhere in there, Alvina forgot about her own kid(s) and got caught in the message. It's weird...Scout and Mayor sorta flipped for me in the end, their storylines anyway.


As far as Keith Parrish...he is most definitely surveilling the community in Atlanta where Stacie lives but not "investigating an incident" so yeah, he's undercover as well. He, unlike the some adult children in this story like Khalin, has no desire to know or speak with his birth Mom. He's content with how he grew up. Does he like Mayor? Yes he does. They're actually really cute in my head...hence the reason he said Mr. and Mrs. Smith when he spoke about them being together. She didn't catch it because she doesn't know what that is but he gave away his position by saying that.

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