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Where cafe mates can finally meet others from all over and talk it up. Make posts, read comments, post pictures...

Book Characters

Random chatter about different characters and their unique personalities.

Sex Scenes

You already know what this is about...From the 3 way with the Carters to Pia Mia riding it like a pony.

Funniest Moments

Everything from all the series, funniest moments we can look back on.

The Carter Family

This will be about all the Carters.

Going into 2019

This will just be a place where I talk about 2019 books, new characters, updates, and whatnot.
New Posts
  • Homer fucked up. I still ain't really tapped into his issues. Self issues he got.
  • Pia turning Homer out, and waking up with the Bum.
  • So its like...almost 9AM on a Friday right now, and just before I clock in to write, I'm going to update on here as well as on the YT video coming out Sunday. We have new characters! New Pen name, new characters! I think everyone is so excited about Pia, but honestly...Athena will be the favorite of early 2019. I can feel it. Don't even think people will be worried about Pia and Homer by the time the book comes out. We also have a handsome rapper (as always) Twin sisters, a cute cop next door, and slipping in a writer or two. Course there is my girl Tamika who will probably be the MOST hated in the book, but she represents so many women I know. This I am her book will be my cross between Samsara and Nirvana. Very black feminist, very pro woman. Anti everything else. I like to play on the stereotypes because its always an easy story to write until you actually get to know the characters, and they show their true form. For example... Tamika is the workaholic, the I don't need a man for anything. I can do bad all by myself, I'm in my 30s, single. No kids...A man who makes less than me is a man not worth having around. Pia is my baby mama on the go. Romance and relationships knocking on her door (why am I trying to sound cool writing this.) Yall know Pia's situation. Baby daddy appears in her life, she's moved on...but now two couples have to figure out how to blend together to raise a little Violet Skye when in actuality....that's not going to happen. Athena is my anime nerd, my online chatrooms, video games, Marvel comics/movies enthusiast. She is that small population of black women/girls who get overlooked by black men, and shit, maybe black girls as well so they tend to duck off into their own subcategory of friends like the goths, the nerds, the weird white guys...then as they get older, black men start to peep them a little differently...women start to try and be like her...I mean, I can go on, and on about my girl Athena, but she has become my absolute favorite. You got the sisters Sam, and Sasha who straight from the streets of Atlanta. Get it by any means to survive the next day. Grew up from home to home, living from couch to couch, property of the state. Sam is my go getter. The one that's all about her looks, her appearance. She's the one who makes money off her Instagram. Selling herself, fucking her way to the top. Her purpose in life is to settle down with a man that has money, have children and live a good work free life. I mean, who wouldn't? The way they grew up, I wouldn't want it any other way. Sasha on the other hand is my gangsta. The security. She watches her sister's moves like a hawk. One wrong move, and she's there protecting her. All these two have are each other, very close, identical to a T. Personality are just complete opposites. Sasha isn't about the fame, the beauty, the good life. She's very lowkey, private, and to herself but if needed? She has no problem throwing hands. All in the name of sisterly love. You got the handsome cop next door who is the asshole neighbor that all the girls like, and want to be with. His neighbor Taylor is the writer/blogger for a popular Atlanta news outlet and those two...my Gawd. Yall these two have been driving me crazy for weeks lmao. The tit for tat they do just to get on each other's nerves. It's so many characters I can't wait for yall to meet, and these are coming from two books that will tell two completely different stories. Like opposite stories but will ultimately become on book that ties in together. Yeah, I'm writing another two books at the same time. smh. Worst decision of my life, but I...can't seem to stop? lmao. Don't think I'll release em both at the same time though so whichever one is finished, that one will drop. I might keep the Yard a little bit longer. More new characters as well, so this list can go on forever. Also, there will be a book of Skye readings under Desiree. Not my new pen name. Alot of appointments have been booked these past few months. Plus? I really want skye sisters to be on the big screen so I'm going to put my last little bit on their family out on Amazon for the world to see. Although, it won't be the same sisters. So many other members of the family you'll meet. Like Indigo Skye, Yada Skye, Fowler who had his moment in Samsara. Alot of the men will be doing readings as well.